Heritage tour
Discover Gatineau's architectural and historical heritage treasures.

Cruise through the city's cultural neighbourhoods on bike or by car along the seven suggested routes.

Writing: Sonia Blouin, Julien David, Lorraine Deslauriers, Paul Monty, Enid Page, and Michel Prévost
Coordination: Sonia Blouin, Ville de Gatineau
Translation: Katalin Poor, Traduction Al Punto
Revision: Michel Bédard, Ville de Gatineau
Graphic design: Steve Young
Photography: Ville de Gatineau
Photo, Gatineau Preservation Centre: Denis Gagnon, photographer – Library and Archives Canada
Photo, L'Ange-Gardien Parish Church: Studio Sokolowski
Photo, Réserve naturelle du Marais-Trépanier: Guy Germain

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