Étincelle de vie

The work entitled Étincelle de vie evokes our city's emergence and illustrates the vitality of its inhabitants.

This grand 193 m2 fresco is a project by Gatineau's Commission jeunesse under its program to eradicate illegal tags and graffiti (Programme de prévention des tags et des graffitis illégaux) through the designation of areas for authorized graffiti and the promotion of graffiti as an urban art form.

This fresco is a true work of art designed by young graffiti artists Marc-André Perron Bénard, Lukasz Bober, Philippe Cantin and Patrick Moss under the artistic direction of mural painter Jocelyn Galipeau.

The fresco highlights the following elements: the changes among youth throughout Gatineau's history, the duality of the urban environment when compared to the rural, the duality of water versus wood, and the identity of Gatineau's youth.

This work was produced in May 2009.


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