Au fil de l'eau, au gré du temps

Au fil de l'eau, au gré du temps (Through Water, Over Time)

Œuvre Au fil de l'eau, au gré du tempsDisplayed in the centre aquatique Lucien-Houle


  • Marie-France Nitski
  • Raymond Warren

Works by artists Marie-France Nitski and Raymond Warren integrate art into architecture and include a succession of paintings and sculptures, lending the area a festive tone and visitors a new experience.

The work consists of characters sculpted into clay, doing the day-to-day things we expect to see near water. These sculptures accompany large frescoes in lively colours spread out from the reception area to the hallway linking the aquatic centre and the neighbouring school.

Œuvre Au fil de l'eau, au gré du tempsŒuvre Au fil de l'eau, au gré du temps

The sculptures of Raymond Warren, paired with the colourful murals of Marie-France Nitski, abound in characters and aquatic animals, giving curious onlookers the opportunity to discover a fascinating imaginary world filled with the joy of life and infectious energy.

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