Plan de travail

Plan de travail: an original and innovative piece

Original and innovative: both of these terms fit Plan de travail, a work by artist Jean-Yves Vigneau!

Consisting of a bas-relief mural of 15 aluminium panels measuring 1.2 X 1.2 metres (4 X 4 feet) each, the work is located in fire hall number 5 (Gréber), in the main section, adding the finishing touch to the public area.

According to the artist, Plan de travail could be a to-do list, but it is also the surface, the table or bench where objects, items and tools that we work with are placed or spread out.

About Jean-Yves Vigneau

Jean-Yves Vigneau is a visual artist who has been living in Gatineau for more than 30 years. A full-time artist, he has given several individual exhibits and taken part in symposiums and other collective projects. In 2003, he won the Prix à la création artistique pour l'Outaouais. He has approximately 15 permanent public works to his credit, many of which are displayed in Gatineau. He coordinated the development of La Filature, a 100 year-old industrial building that since 2002 has housed two artists' centres and artists' workshops.

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