Republic of Turkey

Two Iznik Ceramic Tile Murals

Donated by the Republic of Turkey to the former city of Hull. The unveiling on May 30, 2001 was attended by His Excellency Ambassador Erhan Öğüt and Mayor Yves Ducharme.

Pottery and ceramics were manufactured in Anatolia starting in the VIIth century B.C., continuing through the Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as the Selcuk era. Iznik ceramic tiles, which reflect the cultural heritage and artistic treasures of the Ottoman Empire, reached their zenith in the XVIth century. Today, this art form is making a comeback thanks to the research and awareness-raising activities led by the Iznik Foundation with the aim of marketing these tiles.

These enamelled tiles, made of 70% quartz, abound in Turko-Ottoman architecture, adorning palaces, mosques and mausoleums. White, blue, turquoise, cobalt, olive green and coral red dominate the floral motifs and ornamental calligraphy that reflect the ideology and philosophy of the Muslim faith.

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