Kingdom of Morocco

Zellige Mosaic

Architect: Khayateh Houssaini

Donated by the Kingdom of Morocco to the former city of Hull. The unveiling on November 18, 1998 was attended by His Excellency Ambassador Abdelkader Lecheheb and Mayor Yves Ducharme. This gift was a sign of the friendship formalized through the partnership joining the former city of Hull and the city of Settat, province of Settat, wilaya of Chaouia-Ouadigha, Kingdom of Morocco, in 1996.

In the fall of 1996, Moroccan architect Khayateh Houssaini was commissioned by the Governor of the Province of Settat, Abdelfettah Moujahid, to decorate the basin of the fountain in Maison du citoyen. Morocco delegated three of its internationally-renown experts and created the Zellige mosaic tile design for the fountain.

The pattern they developed is quite unique. Each tile is hand-cut and affixed directly to the sides of the fountain.

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