2019 spring flood

Flood victims: registration, assistance centres, Red Cross and psychological support

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    Update of April-25-19 at 05:00

    Over the past 24 hours, more than 100 people have registered as flood victims with municipal officials. To date, 517 people have registered, including 431 adults and 86 children, for a total of 242 households.

    As of 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, the distribution of households whose occupants have registered is as follows:

    • 8 from the Masson-Angers sector
    • 93 from boulevard Hurtubise
    • 114 from the Pointe-Gatineau district
    • None from the Aylmer sector

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    Update of April-24-19 at 16:00

    More roads had to be closed as a result of water accumulation, particularly in the Masson-Angers, Pointe-Gatineau and Lac-Beauchamp districts.

    The Masson-Angers sector is being more and more affected. Gatineau opened a second victims support centre to meet the growing needs of residents. It has been open since 1 p.m. this afternoon, and is located at the Masson-Angers service centre at 57 chemin Montréal Est.

    In addition, because of the water accumulation, today's scheduled garbage collection on the south side of rue Saint-Sauveur had to be cancelled.

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    Update of April-24-19 at 11:00

    La Ville rappelle aux propriétaires de puits artésiens et de surface que l'eau de tout puits situé dans un secteur inondé doit être considérée comme non potable, car elle peut être contaminée à la fois par l'eau de la rivière et par des installations septiques situées à proximité. Vous devez donc prendre certaines précautions. Pour plus de renseignements, consultez cette page Web.

    Owners of artesian and surface wells

    Update of April-24-19 at 06:30

    Rainfall over the past few hours has caused water levels to rise faster than over the past few days.

    More water on the roads has prompted road closures, which are complicating traffic in shoreline areas. Since last night, the eastbound autoroute 50 access and exit ramps at rue Saint-Louis have been closed.

    Several roads in the Pointe-Gatineau district are now closed to traffic, as well as some road sections in the Lac-Beauchamp district (Riviera and Hurtubise). In addition, ten or so streets across Gatineau are only open to local traffic.

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    Update of April-23-19 at 16:30 – More than 250 individuals registered as flood victims

    To date, more than 250 individuals have registered with Gatineau as flood victims, representing more than 100 households. Among these, 28 households are being looked after by the Red Cross. Water levels are rising a little faster, but gradually. Gatineau has modified Wednesday's garbage collection schedule on certain roads affected by the flooding.

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    Update of April-22-19 at 16:30 – Water levels rising gradually

    Water levels are still rising gradually. No precipitation is forecast for today. However, 15 to 20 mm of rainfall are expected on Tuesday.

    Gatineau is continuing to keep an eye on the situation. Our crews remain out in force, supported by 25 Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

    Gatineau is asking residents to remain vigilant. Despite the slow rise in water levels, residents are urged to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and protect their homes.

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    Update of April-22-19 at 07:40

    The victims assistance centre is open every day from 7 a.m. to midnight.

    Flood victims who are in need of emergency shelter or support should go to the centre communautaire Jean-René-Monette (89 rue Jean-René-Monette). The Red Cross is on site to assess their requirements and to offer flood victims essential services. Those include housing, food, subsistence costs and, if necessary, clothing.

    So far, 48 households have registered with municipal officials: 81 adults and 17 children.

    Flood victims who evacuate their homes and/or whose home has suffered damage must report to municipal authorities:

    • at the victims assistance centre at the centre communautaire Jean-René-Monette (89 rue Jean-René-Monette); or
    • by calling 311 (option 6).

    Update of April-21-19 at 16:30 – Gatineau is continuing its efforts, and the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed

    Gatineau is continuing to monitor the situation closely. All hands are on deck. The Canadian Armed Forces joined the municipal employees on the ground this morning.

    In the past few hours, the rise in water levels has slowed, even stabilized. Levels are currently below yesterday's projections. No precipitation is forecast for today or tomorrow.

    The Canadian Armed Forces have arrived to lend a hand. Twenty-five military personnel have been deployed to Gatineau. Today, they are inspecting the flooded roads, in particular rue Hurtubise and chemin du Fer-à-Cheval. They are also helping out at the three sandbag distribution sites. They are presently at the busiest locations:

    • parc Racicot;
    • the corner of Saint-Louis and Moreau; and
    • the corner of Saint-André and Saint-Paul.
    So far, 37 households have registered with municipal officials: 63 adults and 16 children.

    Gatineau asks that everyone avoid driving through the flooded areas in order to ensure that they remain accessible to response vehicles. The situation can be viewed online.

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    Previous updates

    Alternative parking

    Gatineau has arranged for alternative parking for residents who evacuate their homes. For each sector, vehicles can be parked at the locations listed below:

    Aylmer sector

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Masson-Angers sector

    • Parc Jack-Eyamie, 40 rue du Bassin

    Rue Cartier area

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Pointe-Gatineau area

    • Place Farmer, 74 boulevard Gréber
    • Walmart at the Smartcenter, 51 boulevard de la Gappe

    Riviera and Glaude area

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Rue Jacques-Cartier area

    • Parc de la Baie (entrance at 1223 rue Jacques-Cartier)

    Boulevard Hurtubise area

    • Neighbouring streets.
    • Parc du Lac-Beauchamp, 741 boulevard Maloney Est


    Sandbags, loose sand and empty bags are available to shoreline residents at those locations. Proof of residence is requested.

    Aylmer sector:

    • Aréna Frank-Robinson (former parc Louis-Roy site)
    • Parc du Tourbillon;
    • Parc des Cèdres (entrance on rue Arthur-Croteau) (NEW);
    • Parc Kenneth-Lloyd (NEW).

    Gatineau sector:

    • corner of Cartier and des Rapides
    • corner of Saint-Louis and Moreau
    • 3 rue Saint-Antoine
    • corner of Saint-André and Saint-Paul
    • parc du Lucerne
    • parc du Racicot (former Campeau/Hurtubise site).

    Masson-Angers sector:

    • 211, chemin du Quai (former chemin du Fer-à-Cheval/du Quai);
    • corner of du Ruisseau and Lasalle.

    Closed or relocated sites:

    • parc Louis-Roy (relocated at aréna Frank-Robinson);
    • corner of Campeau and Hurtubise (relocated at parc Racicot);
    • corner of du Fer-à-Cheval and du Quai (relocated at 211, chemin du Quai).

    For instructions on how to build a sandbag dike, consult this Web page.

    Gatineau is asking shoreline residents to cooperate in regard to the use of the sandbags. We ask that they take them gradually in order to ensure that everyone gets some. That way, everyone will be able to start building up their dikes in preparation for the weekend.

    Please only get enough sandbags to meet your own needs. Sandbags should be used to protect homes, not gardens and flower beds.

    Changes to the garbage collection schedule

    • Today's scheduled garbage collection on the south of rue Saint-Sauveur had to be cancelled due to water accumulation.
    • A container for household garbage and compost bins will be available to these residents from 6 p.m. on April 24 until 4 p.m. on April 25 in each of the following four locations:
      • Corner of East and St-André
      • Corner of Fernand-Advisais and St-André
      • Corner of Saint-Denis and St-André
      • Close to 90 rue Glaude.
    • These are reserved exclusively for the residents at the south of rue Saint-Sauveur, for their household garbage and compost that could not be picked up today.
    • It should be noted that the containers are only for household garbage. A special collection will be organized later for flood victims' oversized items.
    • The other areas affected by water are being assessed. For the time being, the regular collection schedule stands. Residents are asked to leave their bins as close as possible to the street without touching the water.

    More vulnerable sectors

    Aylmer sector:

    • chemin Queen's Park to Aylmer marina
    • the Aylmer marina area
    • houses along the river between Aylmer marina and chemin Fraser
    • rue Lamoureux area

    Gatineau sector:

    • rue Cartier
    • the area between boulevard de la Gappe and Saint-Louis and René
    • rue Jacques-Cartier Est
    • the Riviera and Glaude area; and
    • boulevard Hurtubise, east and west

    Masson-Angers sector:

    • chemin du Fer-à-Cheval; and
    • the rue du Ruisseau area

    This does not mean that other sectors will not be affected. Municipal crews are closely monitoring the entire territory.

    As it does every spring, please be cautious along rivers and waterways.

    Call 311 to report any disturbing situation. If the safety of persons or property is at risk, please call 911.


    As a shoreline resident, you also have a key role to play. You are invited to take the necessary steps to ensure your own safety and protect your homes.

    • Consult this Web page regularly. It will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.
    • Sign up for text message and email alerts.
    • At all times have an emergency kit with essential items for each family member. According to the government of Canada Web site http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/, your kit should keep you self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.
    • Build up a food supply, and make sure that you have enough for yourself and your family for several days.
    • Guidelines for restoring power safely

    Flood monitoring

    Water levels can vary depending on the observation point. The level indicated in the graph is in meters and is specific to the observation point indicated.

    Source of data: Sécurité publique Québec and Ville de Gatineau

    Donations and volunteering

    There will be a second volunteer blitz on Saturday, April 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to fill sandbags. Anyone who wishes to take part should go to aréna Beaudry (23 rue Saint-Alexandre). Volunteers can park in the neighbouring streets or at École Massé. It is best to bring a shovel, gloves and closed shoes.

    Anyone wishing to help residents who are at risk of being affected should approach the latter directly.

    Businesses wishing to donate should contact Gatineau's Service des approvisionnements at 819-243-2315.

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    If you do not receive spring flood alerts, check your junk mail or contact your telecommunications service provider.


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