In order to meet the new provincial government requirements, the 2016-2020 residual materials management plan is designed to reduce by 45% the amount of waste we generate by 2020. Major changes have been made to the collection of residual materials in the residential sector since July 15, 2018.

A new by-law concerning residual materials management was adopted on July 3, 2018 by the Municipal Council. That by-law specifies the changes in the collection service.

Effective July 15, 2018

  • Composting: Compostables may not be included with household garbage, as is currently the case with recyclables.
    • Property owners will be required to provide their occupants or tenants with containers large enough to hold compostables between collections.
  • Household garbage: There will be a limit of six containers, for a total of 720 litres of household garbage, per unit served by curbside collection.
  • Bulky items and construction waste: Bulky items and construction waste will no longer be collected along with household garbage.
    • A local social economy organization will come and collect your donated bulky items year-round on request. The organization will pick up any reusable, electronic or metal bulky items to encourage their reuse. The official start date for this service will be July 16. For details about this service and which items will be accepted, go to the Reuse section.
    • Two new special curbside collections will begin in October 2018. Each one will take place four times a year:
      • one will be for bulky “trash” going to the landfill (mattresses, sofas, plastic or broken furniture, carpets, etc.); and
      • the other will be for construction, renovation and demolition waste (wood, wood pallets, gypsum, etc.), which will be repurposed.
  • For multi-unit residential building and condominium owners: Household garbage containers will be emptied every two weeks instead of every week. Additional collections can be arranged for a fee, as set out in the rate by-law.

As of July 2019

  • Household garbage: Effective July 15, 2019, the volume of household garbage containers will be limited to 120 litres. Only those containers and tagged overflow garbage bags will be accepted for curbside collection for units served.
    • Gatineau will distribute gray bins for household garbage for units using curbside collection by the fall of 2018.
    • Gatineau will introduce a container and trash can recovery program after the new gray bins have been delivered.
    • Consultations will be held in the coming year to:
      • provide an overview of specific cases (day cares, large families, small businesses, seniors' residences, etc.); and
      • develop ways to reduce the burden for those specific cases.
    • A fee model will be adopted by the Municipal Council in the spring of 2019 for implementation effective July 15, 2019.

When in doubt, consult DTRITUS

Download the DTRITUS mobile app! This free app will help you to quickly:

  • figure out how you should dispose of your residual materials, or which bin to put them in;
  • determine your collection day, and get a personalized calendar for your address; and
  • receive notifications the day before your collection, and alerts for special collections.

The search tool and the collection calendar are also available online.


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