Major changes have been made to the collection of residual materials since July 15, 2018. Consult the Updates section.

Collection of bulky items for household reuse

This service comes into effect on July 16, 2018.

Residents wishing to dispose of reusable bulky items in a way that will give them a second life can call 311 to request a home pick-up. The following bulky items will be accepted:

  • furniture in good condition (bookshelf, bed frame, table, etc.);
  • metal bulky items and large appliances, whether or not they work (fridge, oven, cabinet, metal bed frame, etc.);
  • large electronics, whether or not they work (TV, home entertainment unit, etc.); and
  • big toys, garden furniture, sports equipment, bicycles, etc. in good condition.

A bulky item is something that is too large to fit into a trash can.

This is a free service.

Items will generally be picked up two weeks after calling 311.

Once your request has been registered, the organization mandated by Gatineau to collect your reusable bulky items will call you to confirm the request and arrange for a collection date.

The following bulky items will not be accepted: mattress, upholstered furniture, sofa, furniture in poor condition, items that are not bulky items, such as dishes, textiles, toasters, cell phones, etc.)


In addition to using the home pick-up service, residents can drop off their reusable bulky items for free at the ecocentres. Any item that is in good condition (including textiles) that has a chance at a second life will be accepted.

For details and hours of operation of the ecocentres, go to: Ecocentres.

Green Directory

The Green Directory is an electronic search tool for ecological products and services in Gatineau.

Check it for ways to consume more responsibly and find other ways to dispose of your bulky items, items in good condition, construction materials, electronics, etc.

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