Books for baby

Receive a free gift package when you
register your baby at your public library!


This program is offered in partnership with the Québec Public Libraries Association and aspires to instill a love of reading in young children at a young age. Give your newborn the gift of library membership, a gift of lifelong enrichment.


All infants up to 12 months are eligible to register for a library card and the Books for Baby program.

Required documents

Proof of the child's birth date must be provided (birth certificate, health insurance card, etc.) and a proof of residence of the parent.

The gift package

Your baby will receive a free gift kit (in French) containing a book for little ones courtesy of Quebec children's publisher Dominique et compagnie, a list of selected readings, a magazine Enfants Québec for Mom and Dad, bookmarks and a compact disc of counting rhymes produces by the publishing company La Montagne secrète.

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