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Please read through the following before filling out the purchase suggestions form.

  • Be sure to consult the catalogue by title and author before suggesting the purchase of a document.
  • The purchase suggestion form is not a reservation form. You cannot reserve a document that is not in the catalogue. If you wish to reserve a document, click on the reservation button once you have found the title in the catalogue.
  • You must fill out a different form for each suggested title.
  • Only suggest a title once. Repeat requests will not improve the chances of having a document purchased.
  • Only suggest titles that have already been published (as opposed to those that have yet to be released).
  • You can suggest documents that have been published within the past few years. For older titles, please use our interlibrary loan service (ILL).
  • Please do not suggest the more popular authors or titles because we will be purchasing them anyhow.
  • Please do not suggest pocket books such as Harlequin, Mira, Romance, etc.
  • f the title you suggest is purchased by the library, it will appear in the catalogue within two months.
  • If the title you suggest is not purchased, it means that it is not available or that it does not meet our selection criteria.
  • Decisions concerning the purchase of new titles are made under the Politique d'acquisition de la bibliothèque municipale de Gatineau, the policy on purchasing for the public library.

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