Ecological lunch box

Boîte à lunch écologiqueHere are a few easy ways to provide your children with an ecological lunchbox!

  • Use a reusable lunchbox.
  • Use plastic containers for sandwiches, snacks and cookies.
  • Use metal utensils.
  • Provide reusable bottles for drinks.
  • Use cloth napkins.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables from Quebec.
  • Give them vegetables cut up at home and stored in plastic containers.
  • Use organic products as much as possible.
  • Buy food in economy-sized packages and transfer them to small reusable containers.
  • Add home-made deserts (muffins, pastries, etc.).

These suggestions can help you reduce unnecessary waste. By opting for reusable materials, you will help us make Gatineau 100% committed!

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