Police officer recruitment


  • Police officers: patrol, community, prevention, traffic, motorcycle, marine, bicycle, tailing, forensic identification technician, special squads, etc.
  • Sergeants: surveillance, training, emergency call centre, criminal investigations, etc.
  • Lieutenants: patrol duty, criminal investigations, administrative and operational support; public relations, etc.
  • Supervisory positions: captains (responsible for teams, operational support, criminal investigations, etc.), inspectors (responsible for divisions); management, etc.

Hiring requirements and process

Nouveaux policiersGatineau only hires graduates of the École nationale de police du Québec (ENPQ) and police officers from other police forces who are also graduates of the ENPQ. Candidates who meet the above minimum requirements are then assessed based on the following process, which involves municipal officials and ENPQ specialists:

  • Pre-selection based on CVs;
  • Selection interview;
  • Medical assessment by Gatineau physicians; and
  • Integration into the police force over a number of weeks, with initiation or transition to weapons (nine millimetre handgun) and other equipment.

Working conditions

  • Group insurance (drugs, life, disability, etc.).
  • Membership in the police pension plan set up under the former city of Gatineau upon joining the force as a permanent employee and after one year of continuous work as a term employee.
  • Work schedule for permanent and long-term replacement workers: 40 hours a week (4/3 schedule).
  • No guaranteed work schedule or minimum number of hours for term replacements.
  • Tremendous on-the-job training and development opportunities and possibility of partial reimbursement of educational expenses.

Some job protection after the equivalent of 18 months of continuous work.


Consult the Careers section to find out what Gatineau is looking for in terms of police officers.

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