Snow patrol

Snow dumped on public thoroughfares interferes with snow-clearing operations.

In particular, in the interest of safety, section 40 of the by-law on traffic and parking (300-2006) stipulates that it is at all times prohibited to place snow, ice or any other similar material on public thoroughfares, including roads, sidewalks, fire hydrants, recreational pathways and any other public place or land without the owner's consent.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that the snow removal contractors they hire comply with the by-law.

Throughout the winter, a snow patrol will drive through the streets, and failure to comply with the by-law on snow dumping is subject to a minimum $200 fine (plus administrative charges) being issued to a person who contravenes the by-law or to the property owner or any person responsible for maintaining the property.

In 2017-2018, snow patrols intervened 744 times, and issued 529 reminders, 198 offence notices and 17 tickets.

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