Family emergency plan

Evacuation scenario

  • At home, know how to shut off the water, gas and power.
  • Identify all of the emergency exits in your home.
  • Plan a route for leaving the neighbourhood.
  • Identify a gathering place.

Children: day care and school

  • Provide up-to-date information on two people to contact in an emergency.

Identify any special health care needs

  • Inform certain individuals of any particular health concerns you may have.
  • Mark down the details about your health condition.
  • Ask your doctor for a two-week emergency supply of medication and medical items. In case of an emergency, the pharmacies may be closed.

Your pets

  • Arrange to leave your pets with family or friends, or find a hotel or motel that takes animals, or even a kennel.
  • Provide water, food and toys for your pets.

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