Long-Term Financial Plan

In September 2011, Gatineau held public consultations on some of the issues in the report on the long-term financial plan.

This report, which was prepared by a panel of independent experts, provides an overview of Gatineau's current and future financial situation, and outlines analyses, issues and orientations for responsible long-term management.

According to the report, Gatineau is behind in its infrastructure and equipment investments, as is the case with most big cities in Quebec. Its equipment is getting old, and requires a massive and swift investment if it is to remain useful and fully productive.

The public consultations consisted of two formal focus groups composed of residents selected at random, a meeting with the target groups and public consultation evenings. Residents were also given the opportunity to submit a brief and to fill out a questionnaire. These consultations essentially addressed the following issues:

  • maintaining the level of services for residents;
  • providing budgets for structuring projects
  • ensuring that development is sustainable and cost-effective; and
  • catching up on infrastructures and maintaining them.

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Public consultation

You can view the presentation made by Mr. Pierre Prevost of Prévost Conseil Inc., at the consultation evenings and watch the video of this presentation.

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