Breaks and enters

Stop thief!Did you know that, in Canada, a break, enter and theft is recorded every three minutes? Here are a few tips that will discourage a burglar:

  • Burglars do not like well-lit areas that can be seen from the street or in the neighbourhood. Darkness sets in increasingly early at this time of year and a well-lit home could scare off burglars.
  • Keep a tidy backyard. Rakes, shovels, ladders and all such similar equipment could make it easier for burglars.
  • Take advantage of autumn to prune hedges and shrubs in order to clear doors and windows. These spots can easily become hiding places for burglars.
  • When placing your waste at curbside, do not leave the packaging of newly purchased goods in plain view. Instead, it is recommended that the packaging be cut up before disposal.
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