Policy on cultural diversity

Together! The municipal Policy on Cultural Diversity

Politique en matière de diversité culturelleGatineau officially launched its policy on cultural diversity on September 29, 2008, with Quebec's Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Yolande James, in attendance.

This policy is the outcome of a consultation process that brought together residents, as well as local stakeholders and partners.

Why a policy on cultural diversity?

  • To give Gatineau the means and resources, as well as a framework for the harmonious integration of cultural diversity throughout its territory.
  • To ensure that every resident, regardless of origin or identifying features, gets to develop a sense of belonging to Gatineau and to participate in its development at the social, cultural, economic and policy levels.
  • To ensure the optimal development of the Gatineau identity while reflecting the shared values and a common social contract.
  • To equip Gatineau with the resources and means that will enable it to establish the conditions needed to implement the policy.

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