Kitchen fires

Did you know that in Gatineau 73% of fires occur in homes, and 20% of these break out on stoves? That would be the equivalent of one kitchen fire a week!

Prevention and education start at home. For instance, approved deep-fryers are strongly recommended for that kind of cooking.

If a kitchen fire breaks out, you should:

  • use oven mitts to make sure you don't burn yourself and, if possible, place the lid on the pot to put out the fire;
  • carefully move the pot to the centre of the stove;
  • turn off all elements and the range hood; and
  • call 9-1-1, even if you think that the fire is out.

Do not:

  • move a pot if its contents are burning; or
  • throw water on a pot that contains oil that has caught fire.

If the fire cannot be brought under control:

  • vacate the premises using the nearest exit;
  • activate the manual alarm if you are in a building that has a fire alarm system;
  • go to the nearest gathering place outside the building; and
  • call 9-1-1.

Warning: some of the scenes in the following videos may be disturbing.

Testimony (in French only)

Safety tips (in French only)

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