Vehicles of Service de sécurité incendie

Ladder truck

A truck equipped with a hydraulic system that can reach heights of up to 23 to 30 metres. It has compartments with tools that can be used by firefighters during their interventions. Ladder trucks also have an integrated pump with a water reservoir of between 1,200 and 2,000 litres.

Pumper truck

A vehicle whose main function is to spray water to extinguish fires. These vehicles have a pump attached to a 2,000 litre water reservoir. There are several tools stored in compartments that can be used by firefighters during their interventions. Pumper trucks all carry jaws of life to extract victims of road accidents.

Airport tank truck

A vehicle equipped with a system that enables it to spray foam while it is moving. It has an 8,000 litre reservoir that contains water and class A and B foams. In an emergency, it can replace a pumper truck. It can also be used as a tanker truck.

Tanker truck

A vehicle whose main function is to supply enough water during interventions in areas where there is no other source of water. These vehicles can also serve as replacement pumper trucks in emergencies. They have water reservoirs with capacities ranging from 4,800 to 8,000 litres.

Rescue trucks

The fire department has a truck that carries several specialized tools, some of which can help free victims in accidents involving heavy vehicles. Vertical rescue equipment is carried on a second vehicle.

Origin and cause investigation trucks

A vehicle that is used to investigate the origin and cause of a fire.


Boats are used by firefighters to conduct rescues on water within Gatineau's territory. These boats are a combination of a solid hull and an air reservoir that serves as a flotation device. These boats have two engines.

Air supply truck

A vehicle that supplies firefighters with air when they have to work in a smoky environment. We added lighting equipment to help them when they have to work in darkness.

Prevention vehicle

A vehicle used by the team of prevention experts for prevention activities and events.

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