Ditch maintenance

Property owners are required to maintain the ditches on their properties.

Property owners are also required to maintain ditches along public roads in easements at the front or side or their property to ensure that there are no obstructions to runoff. This requirement applies to ditches next to properties up to 120 m long that meet the following criteria:

  • ditch up to 1 m deep if the lateral slope is equal to or less than 2H:1V (horizontal:vertical) or 50%;


  • ditch between 1 and 1.5 m deep if the lateral slope is equal to or less than 3H:1V (horizontal:vertical) or 33%.

The required maintenance involves removing by hand or with a mower any debris or vegetation obstructing the water runoff.

Trenching, backfilling and slope adjustments are prohibited.

Diverting, filling or doing any work that changes the shape or direction of a ditch along a public road are prohibited.

Gatineau by-law 658-2010 concerns nuisances. For additional information, check the pamphlet on the by-law on nuisances (French only).

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