Mission and values

The mission

Mission et valeursThe mission of Gatineau's Service de police is to ensure the safety of people and property by maintaining peace, order and public safety, as well as preventing and reducing crime and infractions by seeking out the perpetrators.

To this end, it focuses on enforcing Quebec laws and municipal by-laws, resolutions and orders. The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) is also committed to protecting rights and freedoms, the dignity of victims and their needs, and to working with the community on ensuring respect for cultural pluralism.

This mission builds on the organizational and individual values, the principles of community policing and the community-based approach.


Organizational values

In pursuing our mission, we believe:

  • in compliance with the Code of ethics of Québec police officers and the highest ethical standards;
  • that our staff constitute our strength and our principal resource;
  • in community-based policing;
  • that the safety and quality of life of residents must be our key concern; and
  • in the continuous improvement of our relations with residents and partners in the delivery of our services and in our management.

Individual values

SPVG police officers draw on police ethics and are guided by organizational values in applying their values to manner in which they deliver their services. Staff members all base themselves on the following individual values:

Fierté, respect, courtoisie et intégrité


Pride in belonging to the organization and its team, and in complying with the rules of conduct defined by the SPVG.


Showing respect in our internal and external relationships. Every member of the organization is called on to communicate, listen and establish good human relationships with their colleagues and the public at large.


Using good manners at all times, speaking and acting with distinguished civility, and being honest and polite.


Scrupulously observing the rules of social morality and the duties imposed by honesty and justice, and displaying integrity, honesty, incorruptibility and professionalism.

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