Security alarm systems

Under municipal by-law 653-2010 governing the issuance of security alarm system permits and the operation of such systems, owners of buildings with such a system are required to obtain a municipal permit, which is free, by filling out the form online.

A security alarm system is defined as a central alarm panel that receives, processes and disseminates information from detectors (smoke, heat, flow, movement, broken window, contact with door), and uses a sound signal alert (siren, horn, bell, chime) to possible danger at the location where the alarm system is installed.

Fines for false alarms (unnecessary intervention by police officers or fire fighters)

  • $75 for the second false alarm
  • $150 for the third false alarm
  • $225 for the fourth false alarm

Please note that there is no fine for the first false alarm.

It is important to inform the Service de police (819 243-2345, extension 7871) of any change to the coordinates of any of the three names you provided on your form as the ones to contact if your alarm should go off. This is about your safety.

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