The by-law

The by-law component concerns the application of the municipal by-law on the control of illegal tags and graffiti adopted in December 2010. This component refers to the application of by-law no. 242-2010 (in French only), with which residents are required to comply. The new by-law stipulates that residents are responsible for and required to eliminate any tag or graffiti on their property unless they have an authorization for its presence.

Objective no. 1: Enforce the application of the by-law by distributing the notice and authorizations.

By-law in brief

  • The by-law applies to all of Gatineau, and targets tags and graffiti with a diameter of 30 cm or more that are visible from a public road.
  • Owners are now required to obtain an authorization from Gatineau to apply graffiti or have it applied on their property.
  • Without an authorization for the application of graffiti, owners may not have any tags or graffiti on their property.
  • Owners who violate the by-law will be required to clean up the tags or graffiti within 10 days after receiving the notice.
  • Tips, techniques and various ways of eliminating tags and graffiti will be provided along with the notice.
  • Any property owner who neglects or refuses to comply will have to reimburse Gatineau through property taxes for doing the clean-up instead.
  • The requirement to eliminate tags and graffiti within the required period is suspended between November 1 and April 15 of each year.

Consult the by-law 242-2010 (in French only)

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