Graffiti authorization application form


  • Improve the quality of life of residents in a neighbourhood
  • Reduce and prevent illegal tags and graffiti
  • Promote graffiti as an urban art form

Criteria and rules

  • Owners must obtain authorization from Gatineau to apply graffiti or to have it applied on an outside wall on their property or on a structure located on their property.
  • Authorization applications must be submitted to
  • Applications must be submitted by March 1 or August 1.
  • Applications must be in writing and must contain the following information:
    • a document proving the identity of the owner of the property where the graffiti is to be applied;
    • a photo of the location;
    • a sketch of the graffiti (required once the location has been approved);
    • a statement to the effect that the graffiti serves the above objectives; and
    • the names and coordinates of the individuals designated as being responsible for the property (different from those of the owner).
  • Gatineau is responsible for approving the authorizations. Approved authorizations will specify the location where the graffiti will be applied and a description of that location.
  • Gatineau will not approve an authorization under any of the following conditions:
    • one of the conditions for approving the authorization is not met;
    • the zoning of the property designated for the application of the graffiti does not allow for such an activity;
    • the authorization application is submitted on behalf of someone other than the owner;
    • the application provides incorrect or misleading information; and
    • the sketch is considered inadmissible.


Last name:

First name:


Daytime phone number:

Email address:



Location on the property where the graffiti will be applied:

Explain how the graffiti serves the program's objectives:

Attach a photo that shows where the graffiti will be applied (mandatory):
File's maximum size is 5 MB.

Once the application has been approved, a municipal official will contact you for a sketch of the graffiti.

For additional information, call 819-243-2345, extension 2445. Applications must be submitted by one of the two deadlines.

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