Submitting a toponymic proposal

Citizen contribution

Gatineau's residents are key players in the process of assigning place names. Gatineau receives numerous requests from residents wishing to propose place names for existing entities or for future use.

Gatineau encourages the public to submit place name suggestions. Before making a proposal, it is best to consult the list of names on file to find out whether it has already been suggested, in which case it need not be submitted again.

How to submit a toponymic proposal?

Toponymic proposals must be accompanied by justifications based on the criteria used by the comité de toponymie. It is essential that a solid case be made outlining the interest and relevance of the proposed name to Gatineau. Proponents must complete the toponymic proposal form and forward it to the following address:

Comité de toponymie
Ville de Gatineau
P.O. Box 1970, Station Hull
Gatineau QC  J8X 3Y9
Telephone: 311
Fax: 819-243-2341

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