Revising the land use and development plan

The Gatineau's land use and development plan is now in effect.

Land use and development plan (in French only)

In 2016, Gatineau will revise its master plan and by-laws to bring them into line with the plan's new orientations, objectives and complementary documents.

Begun in 2011, this process of reflexion has been helping to establish the guidelines for the territory's layout and development for the next 40 years in regard to the environment, the economy, land use, public transit, active mobility and urban growth.

This has been an important undertaking. For this reason, we invited you to join in the discussions throughout the process. A great many of you responded to our invitation. Thank you!

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Did you know that...
Gatineau – along with Laval – has had the highest population growth in Quebec over the last ten years. The city's population has increased by 17% over ten years, and now stands at more than 265,000 inhabitants.

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