Culture trail

Follow the red line!

The Culture Trail, inspired by Boston's famous Freedom Trail, takes residents and visitors through downtown Gatineau on a journey of discovery and rediscovery!

This 3 km-long red line through city streets links points of interest, exhibits and entertainment, as well as a terrific selection of restaurants.

For the 2018 summer season, the Culture Trail will include new ephemeral showpieces and a brand new program lineup.

Discover 11 key assets (culture, civic life, public markets and heritage), 20 public art pieces, 10 murals, 12 exhibition and performance venues, 9 guided tours, 7 self-guided tours, and a multitude of programmed summer activities available at

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1- Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 ($)

Admire 45 majestic floral masterpieces celebrating nature in all its splendor. Witness the beauty of this ephemeral exhibit designed with more than 5.5 million plants.

2- Maison du tourisme

At Maison du tourisme, we give you the best in tourism information! Ask our agents at the information desk for tips, and they'll be sure to give you plenty to think about.

3- Canadian Museum of History and Canadian Children's Museum ($)

Explore Canada's rich history and the outstanding achievements of First Peoples. Do not miss: A world of fun and discovery at the Canadian Children's Museum.

4- Maison du citoyen

Galerie Montcalm | Hall des nations

In 1980, architects Daniel Lazosky and Pierre Cayer wanted to give the Maison du citoyen building a more human and accessible feel. So they came up with a way to shift from the traditional square look of city halls and provide more transparency. Galerie Montcalm is located on the first floor of Maison du citoyen and the Hall des nations is located on the ground floor.

5- Place Aubry – A festive and gourmet alley and pedestrian street

There are several heritage buildings in this lovely area, including the magnificent Queen Anne style Aubry House, the former Hôtel Chez Henri, which was the first building to receive historical designation from the new Ville de Gatineau, and the former Laflèche grocery store.

6- Théâtre de l'Île ($)

Théâtre de l'île offers up both community and professional performances. The hall seats 119. This theatre is unique in its genre, and has the singular distinction of being the only theatre in Quebec where a city is both owner and manager.

7- Château d'eau et Centre d'interprétation brassicole

The museum extends over more than 200 metres and retraces the history of beer in the Outaouais region, covering its role in the region's social, economic, cultural and political development.

8- La filature

A place for media arts research, production and dissemination. La filature inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to manage cultural equipment for the artistic community, in particular for organizations and artists in the visual arts and media arts.

9- La petite G'ART

La petite G'ART is a unique hub in the region. It is both an art shop and gallery. From the moment you step through its doors, you can see that it is unlike any other destination in the Outaouais, and an invaluable asset for our local creators and anyone interested in culture.

10- Ruisseau de la Brasserie Market

Every other Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Every Saturday in the summer, local artists and growers come together to sell their products in this picturesque natural setting.

11- Marché public du Vieux-Hull

Thursdays, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Marché du Vieux-Hull has more than 35 growers offering a variety of the freshest and best agricultural and agri-food products from the region.

Public art

12- Réflexion

Artists: Simon Bouffard; Claude Chaussard; André Fournelle. Réflexion is a work that evokes Gatineau's economic history, from its origins in the forest industry.

13- Papa

Papa is a work of public art of Hal Ingberg installed on Hull Island in Gatineau. It is an enclosure created by large, multicoloured, transparent glass walls. The interior space forms a small public plaza.

14- Maurice Richard

This imposing bronze statue depicts hockey legend Maurice Richard preparing to do a wrist shot.

15- Mythe et évidence

The artist Mathieu Valade sought to represent a unicorn, both identifiable and hidden: its shape is recognizable, but it is located inside a frosted glass display, becoming uncertain, even improbable, a bit like the blurry and hazy photographs of a possible Loch Ness Monster. The work was released exclusively by EXMURO arts publics.

16- Tessouat – monument à la mémoire du chef algonquin Tessouat

This high bronze statue of Jérémie Giles commemorates the 450th anniversary of the birth of Chief Tessouat. Tessouat was an uncontested leader and a shrewd trade negotiator.

17- L'Amour

The Love sculpture of Henry Wanton Jones is made up of three intertwined segments of steel fibre and glass that evoke various parts of the human body, including the heart.

18- Herborie

This architectural assembly in prints of Geneviève L. Richard allows us to gain a fresh and colourful perspective on a functional bridge between two concrete buildings downtown.

19- Mur ouvert ou fermé

The sculpture Yves Trudeau plays with the contrast of openness, signifying light and hope, and closure, meaning sorrow and hate (the title means “open and closed wall”).

20- Jean-Philippe Dallaire

On June 18, 2001, the city of Hull paid a special tribute to Jean Dallaire, the well-known international painter, by inaugurating a bust in his memory in the Carré Vaudreuil, across from the house where he grew up, at 57 rue Vaudreuil. Artist: Jérémie Giles

21- Fontaine des bâtisseurs et Philemon Wright

This fountain, designed by Hull artist Vincent Théberge, commemorates the centenary of the incorporation of the city of Hull as a municipality.

22- Le bateau et la parole des animaux

John McEwen adapted his work to the eminently historical character of the place where, for millennia, the travellers who borrowed the river had to portage.

23- Lys cala

Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz thus invites us to step on the other side of the mirror. Characterized by the strangeness of all discoveries, his creations are thought-provoking and turn the viewer into an accomplice, as if their otherness were mere manifestations of a very old collective memory.

24- Explorateur II

This sculpture by Victor Tolgesy was created during the heady days of Expo 67, the 1967 World's Fair in Montréal, and the preparations for the first expedition to the moon. The work evokes a space station, all antennas deployed.

25- Le Chevreuil

With a good dose of humour, the artist Mathieu Gotti invites spectators to question themselves about the impact of our lifestyles on nature.

26- Question d'intégration

In a playful way, with a touch of irony, this work brings together an impressive number of colourful objects from our familiar environment, and immediately confronts visitors with the notions of expansion and excess. (The work of this Québec artist was produced by EXMURO arts publics.)

27- Je t'appellerai bateau-feu bateau-lumière

Based on elementary methods, these sculptures of Mathieu Fecteau evoke Quebec's cultural heritage through the rudimentary craft of making objects while challenging our modern society's industrial methods.

28- Triad

Triad of Adam Basanta and DAÏMÔN is a sound sculpture composed of 3 stainless steel reflecting tubes. Rising from ground to head level, the long tubes' opening invites passersby to put their ear to it and listen carefully to certain sounds in our immediate environment.

29- Arborescence urbaine

This work of Éric Tardif evokes the temporary and elusive nature of things and life. Its vibrant colours bring forth a rhythmic and dynamic composition, a geometric dance where everything is in balance, yet could come crashing down at any moment.

30- Commentaire

About this work, the artist, Phyllis Kurtz Fine, said: "My main concern is a purity of aesthetics translated into modern materials and simple forms. I am fascinated with the boundless energy of light and the infinite range of shadow."

31- Dépôt trois formes

This work of Pierre Bourgault recall rocks shaped by countless years of waves, rain, wind and glacial action. Through their gradations of tone, they evoke the layering of geological deposits over eons.


32- Les communications modernes

The approach of Patrick Moss, careful to respect public and private property, stemmed from the wish to forestall illegal tags and graffiti through an appreciation of graffiti as an urban art form.

33- L'été 2016

This work of Rafaël Alin, inspired by the work L'été of famous painter Jean Dallaire, is part of Gatineau's tags and graffiti prevention and support program, and the activities related to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Jean Dallaire.

34- Dallaire à fleur rouge

This work of Rafaël Alin, inspired by the works Portrait à fleurs rouges and Le jeune poète of famous painter Jean Dallaire, is part of Gatineau's tags and graffiti prevention and support program, and the activities related to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Jean Dallaire.

35- Les compères de Dallaire

This work of Philippe Landry, inspired by the work La propriétaire and different people from Dallaire's world, is part of Gatineau's tags and graffiti prevention and support program, and the activities related to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Jean Dallaire.

36- L'abstraction de Dallaire

This work of Marin Mitrasinovic, inspired by the work Tête d'ange of famous painter Jean Dallaire, is part of Gatineau's tags and graffiti prevention and support program, and the activities related to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Jean Dallaire.

37- Maison magique

Gatineau worked with several partners on the permanent work providing a facelift for the organization's building.

38- Étincelles de vie

Permanent work of Lukasz Bober, Philippe Cantin, Patrick Moss and Marc-André Perron on a retaining wall on rue Saint-Rédempteur.

39- Mon quartier Dallaire

This work of Lukasz Bober, inspired by the works Cadet Rousselle avait trois maisons, La propriétaire and Oiseau de nuit au-dessus du château de Jean Dallaire, is part of Gatineau's tags and graffiti prevention and support program, and the activities related to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Jean Dallaire.

40- Artrium infinitum ou l'infini artistique

This mural of Lukasz Bober, Hugo Landreville, Philippe Landry, Marin Mitrasinovic and Maria-Rosa Szychowska celebrates the artistic passion, dream and desire to excel of young actors, singers, dancers and the entire Artishow company who inspired the piece.

41- Gatineau en mouvement

The six graffiti artists (Jonathan Barbier, Lukasz Bober, Michael Davis, Marin Mitrasinovic, Sébastien Morissette and Patrick Moss) spent 900 hours on creating the largest artwork ever produced in Gatineau.

42- Pop60

Muralist and graffiti artist, Marin immerses us in the spirit of pop art with a mixture of several popular icons in a striking mural that captures our collective imagination.

Exhibits and shows

43- AXENÉO7: 4 exhibits, twenty-some artists

Founded in 1983, AXENÉO7 is an artist-run centre dedicated to advocating, promoting, and exhibiting the visual arts, while developing critical discourse around them. AXENÉO7 has three exhibition rooms, a residency and a workshop.


DAÏMÔN is an artist-run centre whose mission is to support artistic exploration, creation, production and dissemination in the field of digital and media arts, and more precisely in video, audio and photography.

45- L'amour à la carte ($)

From July 4 to August 25 at Théâtre de l'Île (French comedy)

46- Recycl'ART

The third Gatineau edition of this contemporary art exhibition based on recovering materials from our environment is presented from July 14 to August 26, 2018 by the Centre d'art contemporain de l'Outaouais (CACO) around the theme of reflexion.

47- Galerie Montcalm

Located on the first floor of Maison du citoyen, Galerie Montcalm is a well-known gallery that every year organizes six exhibitions covering a wide range of artistic styles, and featuring regional, national and internations professional artists.

48- Pouvoir et splendeur ($)

Medieval Europe exhibit – Canadian Museum of History

49- Place de la Francophonie

Various shows every Tuesday at 6 p.m., from July 10 to August 14

50- Musée des sports de Gatineau

This interpretation centre in Gatineau presents a variety of touring and on-site exhibitions related to sports.

51- Galerie Éphémère – A fresh perspective on downtown

More than 200 works created by local artists.

52- Trois jours et des poussières

The past engraves itself in the present. This work brings together the diversity of materials and the contrasts of time. Figures from another era share the urban scene.

53- Mexico lands in Hull, a place of convergence – UNAM Canada

The exhibition was conceived around four key themes depicting the different stages in Hull's history: The Origins, Reconstruction–Rising from the Ashes, Recovery, and Revitalization.

54- Salle Jean-Despréz ($)

Salle Jean-Despréz presents all kinds of shows: song, world music, adult/youth theatre, dance and comedy. This warm and intimate room appeals to everyone, and is able to accommodate up to 254 spectators.

Guided tours

55- Le Vieux-Hull à cheval ($)

Every Sunday, from July 22 to August 27, departures between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Tickets and departures at Les Brasseurs du Temps)

This year's theme is the great Hull fire of 1900. Ms. Robinson, an actress with Théâtre Dérives Urbaines, will meet up with us along the way to explain how the fire started in her neighbour's chimney.

56- Portage dans le temps ($)

Every Sunday afternoon in August (Departure from Maison du citoyen)

Portage dans le temps is a theatre performance and history lesson all in one as you stroll through the heart of Vieux Hull to meet up with four characters (Mary Conroy-1870), Hull (Father Louis Reboul-1868), Pointe-Gatineau (David Séguin-1916) and Buckingham (Marie-Louise McGregor-1908) played by professional actors who will take you back to key moments in Gatineau's history.

57- Les revenants du Petit Chicago ($)

Every Wednesday night in August
(Departure from centre culturel Jacques-Auger)

A private detective from the 1930s visits the future (2018) to investigate the origins of the designation “Petit Chicago” that had been given to the former city of Hull, and in particular the possible presence of Al Capone, who had escaped from the Alcatraz prison, and who may be hiding out in the region.

58- Guided tour of the "Convergence : le Mexique arrive à Hull" exhibit and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) facilities in Canada

Friday, in French at noon, in Spanish at 1 p.m.


The exhibition was conceived around four key themes depicting the different stages in Hull's history: The Origins, Reconstruction–Rising from the Ashes, Recovery, and Revitalization.

59- The Ruisseau de la Brasserie heritage

June 16 and July 28 at 2 p.m.
Departure from Théâtre de l'Île

Come and discover the rich history and heritage gems of the magnificent Ruisseau de la Brasserie neighbourhood, in particular the former pumping station, today Théâtre de l'Île, the lovely Wright-Scott historical property, the picturesque Village d'Argentine, the monument to Philemon Wright and the E.B. Eddy buildings.

60- The history of Promenade Du Portage

July 18 at 7 p.m. and September 1 at 2 p.m.
Departure from Maison du citoyen

Come and discover the fascinating history of one of the liveliest streets in the former city of Hull. Learn about the highs and lows of this street, which suffered some tremendous tragedies, but also glorious times with its hotels, courthouse, church and lovely upper middle-class homes.

61- Discovering Hull's match manufacturers

June 17 and July 15 at 2 p.m.
Departure from Robert-Guertin Centre

During this guided tour of the Vieux-Hull heritage neighbourhood, you will learn more about the women behind the Allumettières name.

62- Retracing the footsteps of Samuel de Champlain

Les 18 et 25 août à 14 h
Départ au Théâtre de l'île

Discover the history of the Ottawa River, from prehistoric times to now, including the era of the explorers and New France. A historian and an archaeologist will accompany you along an ancient portage trail to the statue of Father Brébeuf in the Val-Tétrault neighbourhood.

63- Bird-watching at Ruisseau de la Brasserie

July 14 from 8 a.m. to noon
Departure from De L'Île High School

Familiarize yourself with a surprising section of Ruisseau de la Brasserie, where it crosses the heart of Gatineau, with all of its birds, wildlife and vegetation in the heart of the city.

Self-guided tours

64- Walking trail Brewery Creek: from industrial centre to cultural hub

Used for thousands of years by North American Natives, the Ottawa River (Kitchissipi) and its tributaries became popular with explorers and coureurs des bois, and helped bring settlers to the territory.

65- Interpretive panels: Sainte-Bernadette Park

66- Interpretive panels: Brewery Creek

67- Urban artifact window: a worker's life

The Artefact Urbain displays are educational and artistic structures that are intended to make Gatineau's rich archeological heritage accessible to all, not only through their locations outside museums, but also by the readable texts accompanying them.

68- Vitrine Artefact urbain : la vie industrielle

The Artefact Urbain displays are educational and artistic structures that are intended to make Gatineau's rich archeological heritage accessible to all, not only through their locations outside museums, but also by the readable texts accompanying them.

69- Home of artistic painter Jean Dallaire

This house owes its name to the great Québec artist, Jean Dallaire, who was born here in 1916. It was built by his maternal grandfather, Guillaume Barette, with whom the Dallaire family lived. The work of this Hull painter, who died in Vence, France in 1965, shows the marked influence of Quebec culture, and a stylistic affinity for expressionism and abstraction.

70- Home of Guy Sanche, the actor who portrayed the TV character Bobino

This house, built in 1890-1891, is the family home of Guy Sanche, known for his character, Bobino. Wilfrid Sanche, the grandfather of Guy Sanche, bought this house on February 20, 1909. A typographer by trade, Wilfrid Sanche was well-known in the city's cultural life, particularly in amateur theatre.

Culture program, summer 2018


Galerie Montcalm – Maison du citoyen

Mouvances exhibit by Brigitte Dahan
From June 21 to August 19

Animal Nation exhibit by artist Sylvie Plante
August 30 to October 14

Hall des nations – Maison du citoyen

Open daily
Artworks featured in public places

Mosaïculture ($)

June 22 to October 15

45 majestic floral masterpieces celebrating nature in all its glory. As a symbol of friendship with Ville de Gatineau, Montréal's Mosaïcultures is donating a work of art depicting Jos Montferrand, an icon in Gatineau's history.


Fête nationale and P'tite St-Jean in Gatineau

June 23 and 24
Laval Street | Place Aubry

Le Grand cru, film and wine festival

June 27 to July 1, at sunset in the backyard of La Filature

With a guest sommelier: Véronique Rivest

Introduction to textile sculpture and knitted rugs, Introduction to crafts

Fridays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., June 2 to August 26
Petite G'ART

Association des auteurs et auteures de l'Outaouais

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, June 24 to October 15

Festival Afro-Latino Kafé-Karamel

July 26, 27 and 28
Laval Street

Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light ($)

From August 4 to 18 at the Canadian Museum of History

Festival Lavolley

August 24 to 26
Site Zibi

Le festival Riverside

September 8 and 9
Canadian Museum of History

Entertainment, workshops and activities

Visual Art Workshops

Thursdays, from June 14 to July 12
Parc du Portage - Marché du Vieux-Hull

Transistor's ephemeral radio

June 24 to September 15
Laval Street, Eddy and axe Montcalm

Café Culture, performing artists

June 24, July 8 and 22, August 5 and 19, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Petite G'ART

Théâtre de l'Île ($)

L'amour à la carte

July 4 to August 25
French comedy

Place de la francophonie

Various shows

Tuesdays at 6 p.m., July 10 to August 14

Festive nights to the sound of world music!

Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., July 10 to August 14

Latin Rhythms

Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., July 10 to August 7

Molière dans le parc : L'amour médecin

Play by the Fâcheux Théâtre company!

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., July 19 to 28
Parc Fontaine


Multimedia water show, July 20 to 29

Brunch en parfait accord

August 4, 5, 11 and 12
Ruelle Aubry

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