40 km/h speed limit in the residential side streets

In Gatineau the speed limit in residential side streets is 40 km/h!

Our residential neighbourhoods are places shared by pedestrians and cyclists of all ages, young children, people with reduced mobility and motorists.

Decreasing the speed limit from 50 to 40 km/h in residential side streets significantly reduces the risk of serious injury and fatal accidents among the more vulnerable users of these streets.

Gatineau is committed to the safety of its residents.

The 40 km/h speed limit applies to all neighbourhoods!

Watch for the signs posted at the entrance to residential neighbourhoods to notify residents of the speed limit for the neighbourhood. The 40 km/h speed limit applies until a sign indicates the switch to another speed limit, for instance near a park, school zone or at the exit from the residential neighbourhood.

Did you know that the probability of a fatal injury for a pedestrian hit by a car is 70% at 50 km/h, and decreases to 25% at 40 km/h?

Carefully designed speed limits!

Speed limits are not set arbitrarily. They are based on human physiological limitations (visual perception, reaction time, resistance to impact), the laws of physics (stopping distance, speed and strength of impact), and the roadway.

In Gatineau, speed limits are posted as follows:

  • 30 km/h: elementary school and playground zones
  • 40 km/h: residential side streets
  • 50 km/h and over: arteries and collectors
Did you know that for every 1 km/h you reduce your speed, you reduce the risk of physical injury by 3%?

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