2019 spring flood

    Flood monitoring

    Water levels can vary depending on the observation point. The level indicated in the graph is in meters and is specific to the observation point indicated.

    Colour legend

    The flow or level at the station does not call for any particular monitoring.

    Flow or level at the hydrometric station that authorities consider to be cause for concern. Close monitoring is called for.

    Flow or level at the hydrometric station beyond which the first signs of flooding can be seen, namely in fields and on roads near waterways. Some shoreline residences may be threatened, cut off or slightly flooded.

    Source of data: Sécurité publique Québec and Ville de Gatineau

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    Recent updates

    Update of April-18-19 at 15:33 – Calling on residents to lend a hand in filling sandbags

    Gatineau will hold a solidarity blitz tomorrow, Friday, April 19, to help fill sandbags.

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    Update of April-18-19 at 13:23 – Gatineau is asking residents to prepare for flooding as bad as, if not worse than, in May 2017

    In light of the latest forecasts, the Commission de planification de la régularisation de la rivière des Outaouais has informed us that water levels could rise faster than anticipated. Water levels could rise as high as, and even surpass, those in May 2017 as of Sunday night due to the expected rainfall and runoff from the melting snow. It is still too soon to be certain, but we have to be ready for the worst.

    Press release

    Update of April-18-19 at 13:00 – Le maire Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin fait état de la situation

    Update of April-17-19 at 17:30 – Sandbags and loose sand are available, and Gatineau is requesting the cooperation of shoreline residents

    Gatineau is asking shoreline residents to cooperate in regard to the use of the sandbags. We ask that they take them gradually in order to ensure that everyone gets some. That way, everyone will be able to start building up their dikes in preparation for the weekend.

    Also, we ask that residents limit their use of sandbags to protecting their homes. They should not be used to protect gardens, flower beds and other things.

    Gatineau has enough sandbags and sand for all shoreline residents at risk of being affected. Crews are working full out around the clock. The distribution sites will be continuously restocked with sandbags, loose sand and empty bags.

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    Update of April-16-19 at 16:15 – Ville de Gatineau readies for rising water levels

    This week has seen a rather significant increase in water levels in the territory. Gatineau remains on the alert, and is setting in place all the necessary measures to ensure the public's safety. Based on the weather forecast, the Commission de planification de la régularisation de la rivière des Outaouais informs us that water levels are expected to surpass minor flood levels over the Easter weekend.

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    Update of April-15-19 at 11:00

    Les débordements actuels sont reliés aux grosses pluies des 14 et 15 avril. Plus de 30 mm de pluie ont été reçues dans les deux derniers jours. Le sol étant encore gelé, il ne peut recueillir l'eau de pluie, ce qui a occasionné certains débordements sur des terres basses. Nos équipes parcourent le territoire et, au besoin, effectuent des suivis aux endroits où il y a accumulation.

    Le niveau d'eau des rivières se trouve encore sous le seuil d'alerte. La Ville surveille la situation de près et est prête à intervenir au besoin.

    Update of March-28-19 at 16:04 – Runoff: no flooding is expected, but Gatineau is ready to intervene if need be

    At this point, no flooding is expected in Gatineau this spring. Water levels are stable and within average. The slow thaw is helping to reduce the risk of flooding. In fact, very little precipitation is forecast for the next few days, which means a normal thaw and stable water levels. Lockmasters are overseeing the basins and reservoirs.

    Nonetheless, as always, Gatineau is preparing for the runoff. Municipal crews have been preparing for weeks, and are ready to intervene if necessary.

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    Previous updates

    More vulnerable sectors

    Aylmer sector:

    • chemin Queens Park
    • rue Fraser

    Gatineau sector:

    • rue Cartier
    • the neighbourhood between René and Blais
    • rue Jacques-Cartier Est
    • the neighbourhood between Riviera and Saint-Sauveur
    • boulevard Hurtubise (mainly the eastern part)

    Masson-Angers sector:

    • rue du Fer-à-Cheval

    This does not mean that other sectors will not be affected. Municipal crews are closely monitoring the entire territory.

    As it does every spring, please be cautious along rivers and waterways.

    Call 311 to report any disturbing situation. If the safety of persons or property is at risk, please call 911.


    Sandbags, loose sand and empty bags are available to shoreline residents at those locations. Proof of residence is requested.

    Aylmer sector:

    • Parc Louis-Roy

    Gatineau sector:

    • corner of Cartier and des Rapides
    • corner of Saint-Louis and Moreau
    • corner of Saint-Antoine and de la Baie
    • corner of Saint-André and Saint-Paul
    • corner of Campeau and Hurtubise

    Masson-Angers sector:

    • corner of du Fer-à-Cheval and du Quai

    For instructions on how to build a sandbag dike, consult this Web page.

    Gatineau is asking shoreline residents to cooperate in regard to the use of the sandbags. We ask that they take them gradually in order to ensure that everyone gets some. That way, everyone will be able to start building up their dikes in preparation for the weekend.

    Please only get enough sandbags to meet your own needs. Sandbags should be used to protect homes, not gardens and flower beds.


    As a shoreline resident, you also have a key role to play. You are invited to take the necessary steps to ensure your own safety and protect your homes.

    • Consult this Web page regularly. It will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.
    • Sign up for text message and email alerts.
    • At all times have an emergency kit with essential items for each family member. According to the government of Canada Web site http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/, your kit should keep you self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.
    • Build up a food supply, and make sure that you have enough for yourself and your family for several days.

    Donations and volunteering

    There will be a volunteer blitz on Friday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to fill sandbags. Anyone who wishes to take part should go to aréna Beaudry (23 rue Saint-Alexandre). Volunteers can park in the neighbouring streets or at École Massé. It is best to bring a shovel, gloves and closed shoes.

    Anyone wishing to help residents who are at risk of being affected should approach the latter directly.

    Businesses wishing to donate should contact Gatineau's Service des approvisionnements at 819-243-2315.

    Services for flood victims

    Shoreline residents can call 811 at any time if they feel a need for psychosocial support. Info-Social 811 is a free and confidential phone consultation service provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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