RMPP – Residual Materials Management Plan

Gatineau's 2016-2020 Residual Materials Management Plan was passed following extensive public consultations between the fall of 2014 and the fall of 2015. That plan draws a portrait of residual materials management in the Gatineau territory, and includes a five-year plan with 29 measures aimed at:

  • reducing garbage discarded in Gatineau by the following proportions compared to 2013:
    • 45% for the residential sector;
    • 50% for the industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector; and
    • 55% for the construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) sector;
  • inform, raise awareness among and educate all producers of residual materials about best practices in residual materials management and the RMPP; and
  • achieve the recovery objectives set under the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy.

By 2020:

  • The following materials will no longer be accepted in landfill sites:
    • paper and cardboard;
    • compostables and biosolids; and
    • wood.
  • The following will have to be recovered:
    • 70% of recyclables;
    • 100% of compostables and biosolids;
    • 70% of construction, renovation and demolition residues; and
    • 80% of aggregates (cement, sand, pebbles and stone).

There will be some major changes in the residual materials collection service. However, they will be phased in gradually.

Together, we can help end waste by:

  • reducing the amount of residual materials generated at the source;
  • maximizing the reuse, recycling and valorization of residual materials;
  • avoiding reliance on landfill sites; and
  • aiming for a zero garbage city.


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