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If you own a multi-unit residential building o a condominium, call 311 or write us at A Service de l'environnement representative will come and determine what kinds of containers you need (there are several formats) and advise you on the best practices for managing your garbage.

The following information and tools will help owners and residents of multi-unit residential buildings do their share in the collection of compostables and recyclables.

Information about collections

Blue and brown bins on wheels must be installed in the yards of multi-unit residential buildings next to the household garbage dumpster. They are emptied every week from the yard, so it is not necessary to take them out to the curb.

Ordering bins and dumpsters

To order bins and dumpsters, you can submit a request or call 311. Composting brown bins will be delivered with small kitchen containers for each unit in the building. The kitchen containers are emptied into the common brown bin in the building yard. These tools are accompanied by an information kit.

If you would like to buy your own containers, contact the Service de l'environnement before you do so to ensure that they are approved by Ville de Gatineau.

Subsidy for dual compartment containers

For properties with space constraints, Gatineau offers subsidies for the purchase or rental of dual compartment containers (40% garbage and 60% recycling). The subsidy covers up to 60% of the purchase* or rental cost (minimum five-year contract) for a dual compartment container (taxes included).

To obtain this subsidy, submit the original purchase invoice or rental contract to the Service de l'environnement along with a copy of proof of residence. No more than one request per building.

* The maximum subsidy is equivalent to the cost of purchasing a recycling container measuring six yards according to the contract in effect at the time of the application.

Request for additional household garbage collections

Effective July 15, 2018, household garbage will be collected every two weeks in multi-unit residential buildings with courtyard collection. Additional collections may be arranged with Gatineau at the applicable rate for 2018, as indicated in the following table (subject to change, non taxable):

Container Volume Fee per Additional Collection     (per container)
2 cubic yards $40
4 cubic yards $50
6 cubic yards $65
8 cubic yards $75

* For buildings using bins on wheels, trash cans or bags, the additional collection service is $115 per unit for 26 weeks.

Only the owner, a member of the condominium board of directors or the building manager may request an additional collection by calling 311.

Request for a one-time additional collection

A one-time additional collection corresponds to the collection of your waste containers in case of unusual excess surplus. Normally, your container will be emptied within 48 hours after your request.

This service is not provided for buildings where household garbage is placed in bins on wheels, trash cans or bags. In those cases tagged overflow garbage bags can be used for surplus household garbage.

Only the owner, a member of the condominium board of directors or the building manager may request an additional collection, and must fill out the following form to do so.

One-time additional collection form


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