Residual materials

Gatineau collects recyclable and compostable materials (including green residues), household waste and large metallic objects. Some materials that are not collected can be dropped off at the ecocentres. This is the case, for instance, with computer and electronic equipment, which can be left at different locations throughout the city.

Units serviced

Every unit or dwelling subject to the payment of the municipal levy for residual materials is covered by this collection service.

Non-residential establishments may also be serviced (curbside collection only) as long as they have six or fewer household waste items per collection. For this purpose, an item is any mass of residual materials that has a volume of approximately 120 litres and that weighs no more than 25 kilograms.

Obligation to sort and recover

It is prohibited to include with household waste any and all recyclable materials, green residues, large metallic objects and computer or electronic equipment.

Owners of residential or multiple dwelling buildings are required to provide their tenants with containers that are large enough to store their recyclables between collections, as well as the appropriate collection tools, as indicated in the by-law:

Number of units per building Approved container Minimum storage capacity for recyclable materials between collections
No more than 360 litres Dumpster
1 to 2 Yes No 180
3 to 8 Yes No 150
9 to 24 Yes Yes 120
25 to 99 No Yes 90
100 and more No Yes 60

Residual materials collection details

Residual materials collection details

Additional information

  • Residual materials must be put out no earlier than 7 p.m. the day prior to collection day, and no later than 7 a.m. on collection day. They are to be placed next to the sidewalk, the curb or the right of way and shall not in any way obstruct the road or the sidewalk. Containers must be put away no later than 9 p.m. on collection day.
  • Residual materials must be stored in a manner that does not encourage thre proliferation of vermin or rodents.
  • It is strictly prohibited to place residual materials in someone else's container. It is also strictly prohibited to place or store residual materials on the property of a building that is owned by someone else if one is neither a tenant nor an occupant of that building.
  • It is furthermore prohibited for anyone other than a representative of Gatineau or of the contractor to overturn or search through containers used to store residual materials.

  • Bins on wheels and containers provided by Gatineau for the collection of recyclable or compostable materials belong to the municipality. They are to remain on the property to which they were delivered. It is prohibited to alter or destroy a container provided by Gatineau.

Application of the by-law

Anyone person who violates a provision of by-law 839-2018 (in French only) is commiting an offence and is liable to a minimum fine of $200 for a first offense. However, the officer in charge of enforcing the by-law will issue at least three courtesy notices to an offender before issuing a ticket. The minimum fine is doubled for a repeat offence.

For additional information on this topic, click on the full by-law (in French only).

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