Sewer system types throughout Gatineau

Separating sanitary and storm sewers

The sanitary sewer system captures wastewater from your sinks, toilets, showers, bathtub, dishwasher, washing machine, and so on. That wastewater goes to the water treatment plant, where it is processed in accordance with government standards before being discharged into the river.

The storm sewer system is designed to capture only runoff such as rainwater and snowmelt. The water is naturally filtered to some extent as it passes through ditches and underground pipes before being discharged into the river.

Separated sewer systems

Separated sewer system: The storm sewer system is separate from the wastewater sewer system. The first one is for rainwater (from a ditch or underground pipes) and the second is for wastewater.

Other types of sewer systems

Gatineau also has sewer systems that combine both stormwater and water from foundation drains with wastewater. These are called combined and pseudo separate sewer systems. Those pipes are much more vulnerable to overload because of their double function.

Pseudo separate sewer system

The storm sewer system captures the water from street catch basins. However, the foundation drain combines with the wastewater. Water from the foundation drain combines with the wastewater. Runoff to the street runs into street catch basins (public storm sewer) or ditches.

Combined sewer system (unitary) 

Combines stormwater and wastewater.

Locations of the different sewer systems throughout Gatineau

Consult the map below for your home's sewer system.

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