Sports centre

The winner of Ville de Gatineau's competition for a permanent work of art to be incorporated into the architecture of the future Centre sportif de Gatineau, now under construction, is Montreal artist Francine Larivée and her proposal entitled À MÊME LE SITE : INSPIRATION, EXPIRATION. LE DÉPASSEMENT.

The artist's work is an installation involving five gigantic sculptures relating symbiotically with the landscape and the entrance for pedestrians as currently designed. Five triangles emerging from the ground, illuminated each evening, will add a special touch every season to the original, contemporary architecture of the Centre sportif de Gatineau.

The triangles will be made from COR-TEN steel (registered trademark) which, over time oxidizes to produce a velvety, rust-like patina. This self-patinating steel is used in architecture, construction and art—especially outdoor sculptures—for its look and resistance to atmospheric conditions.

The work of Francine Larivée has been exhibited mainly in Canada, but also in France, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. Her impressive background is distinguished in particular by her outdoor installations in natural settings (the ecological park at Université de Moncton, New Brunswick, in 2004; Lachine Canal in Montréal in 2002; Jardins de Métis at Grand-Métis in 1993, 1994 and 1996; and several others) and by some fifteen works commissioned by public bodies.

À même le site : inspiration, expiration. Le dépassement

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