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Republic of Peru

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Ayacuchano altarpiece

Artist: Jesús Urbano Rojas

A gift from Peru to Gatineau. This work was unveiled on October 21, 2011 in the presence of His Excellency, José Antonio Bellina Acevedo Ambassador of Peru, and Mayor Marc Bureau.

The Ayacuchano altarpiece is a wooden box sculpted with figures that have been handpainted. One of the more interesting expressions of Peruvian folk art, these colourful works show tremendous creativity, diversity, and a narrative aspect that is timeless.

Altarpieces contain centuries of history abounding with forms and symbols that are both pre-Hispanic and Colonial. Their origins are Byzantine triptychs that were carried onto the battlefield to protect the soldiers, and were used as mobile altars against bandits and misfortune while on the road. These works of art, at one time of a religious nature, became pagan invocations accompanied by folk and cosmic components.

Artist Jesús Urbano Rojas is considered a living cultural heritage by Peru's National Institute of Culture.