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Call for submissions for Galerie Montcalm and Espace Pierre-Debain
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Call for submissions for Galerie Montcalm and Espace Pierre-Debain
Call for submissions for Galerie Montcalm and Espace Pierre-Debain

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Submissions will not be accepted before or after these dates.

Galerie Montcalm and Espace Pierre-Debain

Located right in the heart of downtown Gatineau, just steps away from the Canadian Museum of History, Galerie Montcalm provides a unique showcase for local, national and international artists. It also organizes collective and interdisciplinary theme-specific exhibitions aimed at broadening our understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Its educational mandate gives it a privileged role in promoting and discovering that universe.

The Galerie Montcalm exhibition hall measures 235 square metres. To see the layout, click here.

Located on the main floor of the Centre culturel du Vieux-Aylmer, right in the heart of the heritage neighbourhood of Gatineau's Aylmer sector, Espace Pierre-Debain provides a unique showcase for local, national and international professional fine craft creators. The aim is to promote the dissemination of works by fine craft artisans, and to spark interest in different forms of creative expression through fine crafts.

The surface area of Espace Pierre-Debain measures 108 square metres. To see the layout, click here.

Submission pre-requisites

  • You must be a professional visual arts or fine arts creator, that is to say an artist who meets the following conditions, as provided in section 7 of the Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts and literature, and their contracts with promoters(CQLR, c S-32.01) :
    • he declares himself to be a professional artist;
    • he produces works on his own behalf;
    • his works are exhibited, produced, published, presented in public or marketed by a promoter;
    • he has been recognized by his peers as a professional artist by means of an honourable mention, an award, a prize, a scholarship, an appointment to an adjudication committee or an invitation to participate in a salon or by any other similar means.
  • Foreign artists must have the backing of their embassy in Canada.
  • Collective exhibitions must be presented by a commissioner.

Submission contents

  • ten high resolution digital images, clearly identified (no printed photo will be accepted);
  • a descriptive list of each work (name of the artist, title, dimensions [H x W x D], materials, year produced). For collectives, a maximum of three digital images per artist (JPG or TIF);
  • a curriculum vitæ of no more than two pages, including, as a minimum, the artist's contact information, as well as the list of associations of which he is a member;
  • a description of the artist's artistic approach; and
  • a proposal for an exhibition.

Submissions may be sent by mail or electronically.

By mail:

Call for submissions
c/o Galerie Montcalm
Maison du citoyen
25 rue Laurier, 1st Floor
PO Box 1970, STN Hull
Gatineau, Quebec  J8X 3Y9


Any document in electronic format (texts and images) must be saved on a USB key or sent via to

If you want your submission returned, please include a postage paid envelope with your submission.

Incomplete submission and PowerPoint presentations will not be considered.

Selection criteria and process

Submissions will be evaluated by a three-member external jury based on the following criteria:

  • research and originality (10 points);
  • consistency of style and approach (10 points); 
  • pictorial quality and appropriateness for the gallery's mandate (10 points);
  • technical quality (10 points); and
  • expressive qualities of the piece (10 points).

For additional information, please call 819-595-7488.

Signature boutique

Gatineau's Galerie Montcalm invites local creators to submit pieces for its Signature boutique. Located right in the gallery, the boutique offers affordable original creations by local artists.

We invite artists and artisans living the greater Outaouais area to submit art or small to medium format original derived products that might be suitable for sale in our boutique.

The proposed pieces must meet the following standards:

  • sell for no more than $300, tax included;
  • not be sold anywhere else within a 20 km radius; and
  • not be a two-dimensional original piece.

Your submission must include:

  • your curriculum vitæ;
  • five or six clearly labeled digital photos; and
  • an explanatory list of each piece and its retail price.

The artistic director reserves the right to select objects based on space availability, demand and the diversity and originality of the pieces.
You can email your submission at any time to, being careful not to exceed 4 MB. High resolution images can be sent via WeTransfer.

For many years, Gatineau's Galerie Montcalm has been helping its artists gain recognition by offering visitors, aside from exhibitions, smaller pieces, artworks and products derived from the work of local artists. We are delighted to help build the reputations of our creators.

After all, buying local is just plain smart!

For additional information, please call 819-595-7488.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 291,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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