How to register?
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How to register?
How to register?

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  • All registrations are online only. Click the button at the bottom of this page to go to the registration site.
  • Two payment methods
    • VISA or MasterCard credit card
    • Pay Later (available only during the 1st round of registrations)
    Do not have a credit card? Select the Pay Later option, receive your confirmation of registration and take it to a service centre before 4 p.m., September 4, to make your payment.
  • To learn more, visit the registration page and read the user guide.

Required for online registration

  • An Accès Gatineau card for each individual wishing to register for an activity
  • A Visa or MasterCard credit card
  • An e-mail address to get the receipt
  • One of the following Web browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or 11 or Edge;
    • Mozilla Firefox 24 or 31;
    • Google Chrome 33 or 40;
    • Android Chrome 40
    • Safari iOS 7 or iOS 8


* In the case of high call volumes, you will be redirected to a virtual waiting room. Wait times will be estimated based on the number of callers waiting. If there is no wait time, you will be connected directly to the site.