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The Cultural Trail invites families to discover the art works in a playful and fun way. In front of each work you will find a question. Observe it well to find the answer. It's free and it's a fun activity to interest your kids to art.



Kalos, Skopein, La beauté dans le changement

What do kalos, eidos and skopos mean? How many shapes and colours can you see through the kaleidoscope?

The word kaleidoscope comes from three Greek words meaning beautiful (kalos), shape (eidos) and watcher (skopos).

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that reflects colours and shapes in an infinite number of options.



La fée des trottoirs

What is kintsugi? How many do you see? 

The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold, silver or platinum.



Dernier arrêt Vieux-Hull
Passages Insolites en tournée

How many posters are there? Where were they located? Which one piqued your curiosity?

16 posters. These were shop signs on rue Portage in Hull.




Whose benevolent gaze is that? What does the word sorority mean?

Donalda Charron. Solidarity among women (deemed specific).



On a laissé quelques lumières allumées

How many lights are there? Which architect does the artist refer to?

12, Daniel Lazowski.




What is the official bird of Quebec? Can you see its chick? 

Snowy owl.



Hommage à une curiosité collante 

How many tongues are there? Guess!
Have you ever stuck your tongue to a metal post in the winter? 

500. Did you know that metal absorbs heat super quickly (faster than the body can warm it up). Then, the saliva, which formed a bridge between the metal and the tongue's cells, freezes. With that, the tongue is firmly attached.



Sans titre 1, 2021

Between which restaurants is the lady who must have a dreadful headache?  

Clandestin and Le Troquet.



Sans titre 2, 2021

What colour is her top? Do you look at your feet when you're balancing yourself? 




Tracés de voyage – 20 ans d'allers-détours

What technology are the artists using to highlight the photos and their narrative?

Augmented reality.



Passage Sécuritaire

What do we see between the monolith and the origami-shaped boat? Whom is this piece intended for? 

Tree roots. Immigrants.



Rat de bibliothèque

Is it a mouse or a rat?

A library rat (rat de bibliothèque), better known as a bookworm, designates someone who is an avid reader.

Download the model to make it at home



Havre de paix

How many animals are there? Do you know where the fountain came from? 

Three. The fountain used to be in place Aubry.



Parmi les loups

What is the piece paying tribute to? Take a picture with the largest wolf! 

Our environment's natural ecosystem.



La photographie dans tous ses états

What techniques are used by the artist?

Digital collage, backlit photography and photo print on paper.



Sans titre 3, 2021

What do you think is going through the fisherman's mind? In the end, what did he catch? 

A heart.



Corbeaux et Salamandres

What are the intruders amongst the animals? Which artistic movement inspires the artist?

A key and a lightbulb. Art deco.



Les heureux naufragés, 2018

What are the names of the artists who created the mysterious island? What makes you happy?

Isabelle Demers and Fanny Mesnards.



La Bulle

What can the bubble do? What does this bubble refer to?

Soap bubbles. Phew! After a pandemic, it sure feels good to be around other people, to step into their bubble.



Les petites tours

Les petites tours have a made-up name, what is it? Challenge your parent or guardian to recreate your drawing! 

Sculpipes, which are simply pipe cleaners.




What do the different pieces covering the head represent?

The cosmos and infinity.




What is the mural called? What is your favourite animal?




Hantées : Place du portage

In what year did the expropriations take place? How many dark windows are there on the container's illustration?

969. 11.


About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 292,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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