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Public art

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* The ephemeral works were removed from the following list. The numbers refer to the works' locations on the map.

1. Maurice Richard

This imposing bronze statue depicts hockey player Maurice Richard in action, on the point of flicking a wrist shot.

5. Humanitude

Serge Olivier Fokoua

Arranged like a family portrait, the seven elements are an amalgam of everyday items. The bodies, standing tall, are depicted by the fire hydrant, symbolizing safety and protection - the permanent guardian. The heads, simple pots, are the universal sign of hospitality and sharing. The colours convey harmony and diversity. Humanitude in its entirety represents love, sharing and brotherhood.
“[translation] The humanitude that I am talking about, which I am celebrating in this work of art, is love, sharing and tolerance. I see humanity as an attitude towards the other. Humanitude is a project that upholds the notion of living together.” Serge Olivier Fokoua

6. Animosités






In an effort to bring to the city a bit of nature and some colour, a group of Gatineau artists created this series of pictures of animals that can be found in Canada, and mainly in the Outaouais region. The artists decided to paint mostly animals that are at risk of extinction in order to invite people to pay attention to environmental issues and make positive changes in their lives. The works were done by a local artist collective.

9. L'Amour

This sculpture by Henry Wanton Jones comprises three intertwined steel and fibreglass segments that evoke different parts of the human body, including the heart.

10. One man's trash is another man's treasure (Les déchets de l'un sont le trésor de l'autre)


“Trash animals” is a series of works by Portuguese artist Bordalo II to raise awareness about the problems created by a consumerist polluting society. The idea is to present nature itself, in this case animals, through materials that are responsible for their destruction. These works are made out of end of life materials, pulled out of abandoned lands and factories, or recycling places. It is rather paradoxical that this majestic work of art was created from our trash.

11. Murale

This monumental mural right in the centre of downtown Gatineau shows a boy with a cap and a girl, who might be his sister. These children, who are part of the Outaouais' urban landscape, depict a period and a cultural heritage. As a historical reminder, this mural resonates as much for its contemporary side, placing children at the centre of the near and distant tomorrow.

The children are witnesses to their times, part of a working family, where the father worked for E. B. Eddy, and are surrounded by historical and contemporary symbols serving as reminders of the great fires that ravaged the city of Hull in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This original piece was developed by Gatineau artist José Guénette, who worked with two local artists, Phil Landry and Marin Mitrasonivic. This giant 5,800 square foot mural will continue to speak to residents, workers, tourists and passers-by for many years.

13. Mur ouvert ou fermé

Artist Yves Trudeau played with the opposition between openness (light and hope) and closedness (sadness and hatred).

14. Pop60

Muralist and graffiti artist Marin Mitrasinovic opens us to the spirit of pop art by blending several popular icons into a brilliant mural that awakens our collective imagination.

15. En mouvement


The work shows Alphonse Desjardins and his wife Dorimène, the founding members of the first Caisse Desjardins in Hull. The artist recreated the original Caisse with an injection of movement and renewal. It depicts inter-cooperation, personal commitment and solidarity with the community. As it did back then, Desjardins continues to help enhance the lives of people and communities, and reaffirms its presence in downtown Hull. This work is presented by the Caisse Desjardins Hull-Aylmer.

19. Fontaine des bâtisseurs

This fountain, a piece by Hull artist Vincent Théberge, celebrates 100 years since the incorporation of the City of Hull as a municipality.

21. The Girl with Paper Boats (La fille et ses bateaux en papier)


This work, a treatise on exile, displacement and loss, is based on the story of Danica in Children of Earth and Sky by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay. In this sculpture, a little girl holds a tattered dog in one hand, and drags three large paper boats in the other. She has a mysterious connection to her distant ancestors, and carries an unshakeable sorrow and memory of the traumatizing events they suffered. The paper boats depict loss, of family, dreams and childhood. This installation is timely amidst the global crisis of refugees and its consequences. Presented by Canadian Heritage.

23. Brigade




“[translation] We have crews of firefighters to put out flames. I dream of crews of artists who will light up our city.”
(Stéfane Cloutier, 1940-2017)
Founding member of the Association des auteurs et auteures de l'Outaouais

25. Jos Montferrand, un géant gatinois


“[translation] The Outaouais has the privilege of being associated with one of the best-known legendary figures in French Canada, Jos Montferrand. This famous individual was a lumberjack, log driver, foreman and raftsman. This strongman contributed to the development of the forest industry, which was the region's economic engine in the 19th century. Even today, it is impossible to determine which of his exploits are a part of history and which are purely folklore. One example is the 1829 fight on the Union Bridge (today's Chaudières Bridge), in which he single-handedly defeated more than 150 Irish thugs. While it may be difficult to believe, there is no doubt that, for many generations, Montferrand was a source of pride. There is good reason why a building and street bear his name.”

Michel Prévost, D.U., President, Société d'histoire de l'Outaouais
The work was offered to Ville de Gatineau by Mosaïcultures internationales de Montréal.

26. Vous êtes ici


Mille façons de s'arrêter
et dans ce poème
Mille sorties de secours
Mille raisons de changer quelque chose
Un seul cœur à écouter

Quand on sait faire assez de silence pour l'entendre
Par-dessus le bruit de l'angoisse
Il a toujours raison

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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