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Make the most of a sunny day with your coworkers, family or friends. Dress comfortably for a nice walk and set out to discover the art along the Culture Trail.

There are several prizes to be won ($100 to spend at a member of Tourisme Outaouais of your choice, $100 to spend at a member of Vision centre-ville of your choice, tickets to a Ville de Gatineau show, and much more!)

How do you enter?

  1. Take a picture of your team in front of a piece of art on the Culture Trail.
  2. Post it on Facebook, identifying Gatineau, Vision centre-ville and Tourisme Outaouais, using #sentierculturel or #suivezlalignerouge.
  3. Fill out your form and send it to sentierculturel@gatineau.ca or fill it out online.

Name of your team:

Name of your contact:

Contact information:


  1. How many Recycl'art works are there along the Culture Trail?
  2. How many artists were involved in making the Origines triptych?
  3. What was the name of Alphonse Desjardins' wife?
  4. Who is the author of the following quote: “We call the fire brigade to put out a fire. I dream of an artist brigade to light up the city.”?
  5. Which outdoor sport is represented by the 3rd image in Métropole sauvage?
  6. When will Alegría be at the Zibi site?
  7. Where are the three giant chairs on the Culture Trail?
  8. What nationality is the artist Bordalo II?
  9. Which refreshing and delicious summer drink can be found at place Gatineau pour la vie?
  10. How many pinwheels are there in Pléiades d'Éole?
  11. Which famous legend inspired the piece by Jean-Yves Vigneau?

Thank you for participating!