2019 spring flood
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2019 spring flood
2019 spring flood

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Flood victims: registration, assistance centres, Red Cross and psychological support

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    Update of July-25-19 at 09:30 – Red Cross Announcement - Recovery Support Assistance

    Rescue support was announced by the Red Cross on July 25th.

    Families who have registered with the Red Cross and are eligible will receive $600 in direct financial assistance by electronic transfer. For details on the registration and distribution process for financial assistance available to flood victims, see this overview.


    Previous updates

    Disposing of sandbags once the waters have fully receded

    It's time to start the recovery work.

    Flood victims whose properties are now completely clear of water are invited to place their soiled sandbags inside their properly lines, not on the streets or sidewalk to avoid obstructing traffic and pedestrians.

    Bags must be arranged no more than 1.8 m (6 ft) deep and 0.9 m (3 ft) high. There is no restriction on how long the pile can be. The sandbags will be picked up in trucks. Construction and demolition waste must also be place on their properties lines. They must be kept separate from the sandbags and household garbage.

    Gatineau is calling on all residents and businesses to volunteer and lend a hand for the Solidarity Blitz on June 1 and 2. The work will take place in those areas from which the water has receded. Sandbags on the property of flood victims will be picked up with the agreement of the owner only. In the absence of the owner, volunteers will pick up soiled bags found in the entrance or just inside the property lines.

    As many of the sandbags as possible will be moved on June 1 and 2. Flood victims who will still have sandbags on their properties after the Blitz will have until Friday evening, June 7, to place them along the street. Service des travaux publics crews will go around picking up the sandbags on June 8 and 9, 2019.

    Residual materials collection

    Due to the water accumulation, there will be no garbage collection for some flood affected areas. The regular garbage collection schedule will be maintained as much as possible.

    For the time being, the regular collection schedule stands. Residents are asked to leave their bins as close as possible to the street without touching the water.

    If a sector becomes inaccessible, containers will be provided to the flood victims for their household garbage. These will be available from the day before the regular garbage collection day until 4 p.m. the following day.

    Special collections will be organized in due time for the flood victims to collect their debris. Containers will be installed to that end at several locations in the areas affected by the flood.

    This weekend as well, flood victims can leave their construction and demolition waste on their properties along the street. They must be kept separate from the sandbags and household garbage. Some 30 containers will be provided throughout the flooded areas for residents to dispose of their construction materials. Their exact locations are indicated on the map at gatineau.ca/flood.

    Special collection for construction and demolition residues

    Flood victims are invited to leave their construction and demolition residues on their properties lines by the street. Construction and demolition residues must be kept separate from sandbags and household garbage.

    Also, some 30 containers has been provided throughout the flooded areas for residents to dispose of their construction materials. Their exact locations are indicated on the map at gatineau.ca/flood. A special collection for bulky items and construction debris is being organized for June 4 to 13. To find out when yours will be collected, go to gatineau.ca/dtritus.

    Solidarity blitz

    More information

    Free water testing for owners of artesian and surface wells affected by the flood

    More information

    Building permits and authorization certificates

    More information

    Municipal tax payment deferral

    Property owners who were hit by the flood may defer and spread out their next municipal tax payment. For the next payment, due on July 2, 2019, 50% can be deferred to the first tax payment in 2020 (February 2020), and the other 50% can be paid with the second tax payment in 2020 (June 2020). No interest or penalty will be charged to any property owner opting to defer their next municipal tax payment.

    Canada Post mail delivery changes

    Residents whose streets are closed to traffic can pick up their mail at the following Canada Post distribution points based on their postal code. Consult the Canada Post website for details.

    Financial program for the gouvernement du Québec (online registration)

    The ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec published a compensation and financial assistance program for victims of the spring flood of 2019. For more information or to make a claim, visit their website.

    Donations and volunteering

    Money Donations

    Residents wishing to donate money can do so through the Red Cross.

    Business donations

    Businesses wishing to donate should contact Gatineau's Service des approvisionnements at 819-243-2315.

    Clothes donations

    Société St-Vincent de Paul (SSVP) would like to help the flood victims who had to leave their homes quickly and did not get the chance to take a change of clothing with them. Those who will be needing clothes for the next few days are welcome to stop by the St-François de Sales counter at 799 rue Jacques-Cartier. Be sure to call before you go. Their number is 819-246-8058.

    Providing temporary housing to the victims (property owners)

    Property owners wishing to provide temporary housing to flood victims are invited to contact Mr. Wassim Aboutanos.

    Telephone : 819-303-1420
    Email : inondations2019@electro-loc.com

    Alternative parking

    Gatineau has arranged for alternative parking for residents who evacuate their homes. For each sector, vehicles can be parked at the locations listed below:

    Aylmer sector

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Masson-Angers sector

    • Parc Jack-Eyamie, 40 rue du Bassin

    Rue Cartier area

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Pointe-Gatineau area

    • Place Farmer, 74 boulevard Gréber
    • Walmart at the Smartcenter, 51 boulevard de la Gappe

    Riviera and Glaude area

    • Neighbouring streets.

    Boulevard Hurtubise area

    • Neighbouring streets.
    • Parc du Lac-Beauchamp, 741 boulevard Maloney Est

    Flood monitoring

    Water levels can vary depending on the observation point. The level indicated in the graph is in meters and is specific to the observation point indicated.

    Source of data: Sécurité publique Québec and Ville de Gatineau

    E-mail and text message (SMS) alerts

    Subscribe to receive alerts on spring flood by email or text message (SMS).

    If you do not receive spring flood alerts, check your junk mail or contact your telecommunications service provider.


    Text message (SMS)*

    Cell phone number:

    * Although Gatineau provides free text message (SMS) alerts, your telecommunications service provider may charge you a fee.

    About Gatineau

    Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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