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Spring flood
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Spring flood
Spring flood

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Spring freshets are recurring phenomena that generally do not result in significant flooding. Every year, Gatineau carefully monitors the spring freshet. Municipal departments are at the ready and mechanisms are in place to anticipate and rapidly intervene as necessary.

Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Each of you must take the initial steps for ensuring you own safety and that of your family, and for protecting your own property. It is recommended that you have an emergency kit at the ready at all times that contains the essential items each family member needs to make it through at least the first 72 hours.

Current situation

It can be seen that water levels are decreasing. Water levels are low in the main reservoirs. Snowmelt is well advanced and there is no significant precipitation expected soon. A risk of flooding is very unlikely. We are continuing to monitor the situation. See the water levels below on this page for more details.

Stay informed – E-mail or text message (SMS) notifications

Sign up for the notification system to receive e-mail, text message (SMS) or phone updates about the spring freshet.

Water monitoring

Water levels may vary depending on the observation point. Water levels are provided in meters and are specific to the site indicated.

Source of data: Sécurité publique Québec and Ville de Gatineau

Hydro-Québec's facilities

How Hydro-Québec's different types of facilities help reduce spring flooding

Visit the Hydro-Quebec Web site to learn more about spring flooding.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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