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Free of charge information requests and building permit applications (2019 flood)
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Free of charge information requests and building permit applications (2019 flood)
Free of charge information requests and building permit applications (2019 flood)

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On July 15, 2019, the government of Quebec passed an order establishing a special intervention zone (ZIS) to ensure stricter management of flood zones.

The government is thereby placing a moratorium on the construction of new buildings and on the reconstruction of buildings destroyed by flooding. The moratorium applies to the entire ZIS territory, as identified on a map prepared by the government of Quebec, without distinction between the 0 to 20 and the 20 to 100 year flood zones.

Step 1

Enter the address of the property in the search engine below.

Check whether the property is included in the special intervention zone (ZIS) established by the government of Quebec.

Step 2.a

Is the information provided in Step 1 enough to enable you to prepare an application for a building permit or an authorization certificate?

Submit your application online once you have an electronic copy of the required documents. Those documents include:

  • a report prepared by the person designated by the Minister of Public Security or by a person with professional expertise in the field of damage assessment. The report shall indicate whether:

    • the water reached the building's main floor;
    • the building's foundations need to be replaced; and
    • the building requires stabilization work.
    If any of the above three applies, the applicant for the building permit or authorization certificate must also provide:
    • an assessment of the damage caused to the building by the flooding, prepared by a person with professional expertise in that area.

Step 2.b

Set up an appointment online with a representative.

Or you can call 819-243-2345, extension 2211 to make an appointment.

Call 311 if you need additional information about a building permit application for a property damaged as a result of the 2019 flood. If you have already applied for an appointment or a permit online, provide the case number you were given or the address of the property. An agent will update you on the status of your application.

Step 3

Bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • the report on the three situations listed by the government of Quebec (flood water reaching the main floor of the building, building foundations needing to be replaced, and stabilization work required on building);
  • the damage assessment report, as required;
  • a detailed description of the work to be done;
  • a copy of a certificate of location for the property in question;
  • a copy of a site plan for the property in question;
  • a scale copy of the architectural plans, elevations, section views and specifications for the structure, wiring and plumbing;
  • the estimate for the total cost of the work; and
  • any other report on the property that you have had prepared (e.g. an export report on the structure).

Additional documents may be requested as your file is being reviewed, such as a minor variance application, in which case you will be notified and guided through that process.

Step 4

If this was not done during your meeting, you can prepare and submit an application for a building permit or an authorization certificate online. You will need an electronic copy of the required documents.

Step 5

The Service de l'urbanisme et du développement durable will review your application. At your appointment, the representative will let you know when you can expect the permit or certificate to be ready for you. Your application will not be processed if any of the documents are missing.

Step 6

Issuance of the permit or certificate.
If you filed your application online, you can track your application through the following link:

If the work requires Municipal Council approval, your building permit will only be issued once the resolution has been passed by the Municipal Council. However, we have set up an accelerated processing system for these applications.

The work must comply with the applicable urban planning by-laws.

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