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Administrative structure and organizational chart
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Administrative structure and organizational chart
Administrative structure and organizational chart

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This page is about the Service de police in the administrative structure of Ville de Gatineau. For contact information of the Service de police, consult the Contact Ville de Gatineau page.

Division de la gendarmerie

This Division has close to 250 employees, most of whom are uniformed police officers providing round-the-clock service patrolling neighbourhoods to prevent crime, responding to calls, and tracking down people who have committed infractions and crimes. The Division's main responsibility is to ensure the safety of residents, protect their property and maintain peace and order in the community. The Division's mandate includes:

  • round-the-clock patrols;
  • responding to calls by residents;
  • road safety;
  • managing arrests and detentions;
  • protecting crime scenes;
  • controlling security perimeters and conducting preliminary assessments during hostage takings and sniper situations;
  • investigating and preparing reports on motor vehicle accidents;
  • alcohol testing and detaining impaired drivers; and
  • forest search and rescue..

Division de la sécurité communautaire

The mandate of the Division de la sécurité communautaire is to support police officers in their duties. It serves as liaison with other divisions, residents and partners in protecting the safety of residents and improving their quality of life in accordance with the mission of Gatineau's Service de police.

The Division includes an inspector, a captain, a lieutenant, a sergeant, 15 officers, a criminologist, a secretary and a clerk. Every officer is assigned to a sector of the city and is mandated to work in one of four areas: outreach to residents,  partnership with other agencies, problem resolution and strengthening preventive measures.


The Division de la sécurité communautaire is involved with the public and its partners through different committees. Officers work with seniors, young people, ethnic communities, merchants and the public at large to exchange tips on prevention and take part in different fundraisers. They plan and organize activities in different areas, such as Semaine de la prévention de la criminalité (Crime Prevention Week), Semaine de la police (Police Week), the annual blood donor clinic and the annual golf tournament, which raised $15,460 for three Gatineau community organizations working with youth: Avenue des Jeunes, Adojeune and M-Ado Jeune.

Comité de citoyens bénévoles

Gatineau's Service de police relies on a committee of committed residents and a team of volunteers who invest their time and energy in programs to strengthen preventive measures to improve public safety.

Parks and recreational pathways

Because more and more people use our parks and recreational pathways in the summertime, we increase the number of police resources in the Division during this period to maximize security and to respond to residents' requests:

  • two police officers are assigned to bike patrol on the recreational pathways; and
  • four police officers are assigned to patrol municipal parks.

Police presence in schools

Police presence in schools is one of the Division's priorities. Officers visited 426 students in grades 5 and 6 and in first year high school to increase awareness about different issues. As well, students from the different high schools attended a presentation on bullying and taxing to encourage them to report these violent incidents through the Service de police Web site at Police officers also gave presentations on different themes, including drug addiction. Once again this year, school patrols received training from police officers and, of course, were rewarded for their efforts. 

In 2005 we were able to consolidate our programs and introduce the necessary changes, thereby increasing our effectiveness and giving our team the opportunity to meet our residents' needs.

We also have different prevention programs:

  • Prévol;
  • Auto-Sécur;
  • Block parents;
  • Mon vélo, j'y tiens!;
  • Rappel aux victimes;
  • Residents on patrol;
  • ID booklet for children; and
  • Presentations in schools.

Section des relations avec les médias

The Section des relations avec les médias covers media interest events involving Gatineau's Service de police, and issues news releases on different subjects, such as prevention campaigns and arrests following police operations.

This section has already given several radio and TV interviews on various topics, including:

  • modified cars;
  • debit card cloning;
  • the accuracy of breathalysers;
  • bullying;
  • the Caution: speed has its limits! campaign;
  • the Internet 101 CD-ROM; and
  • the En quête d'un meurtrier series.

Internet safety and street gangs

Special efforts have been made to deal with emerging problems: Internet safety and street gangs. With regard to Internet safety, we have given a number of speeches to make the public aware of the risks related to Internet usage. More specifically, we created an interactive CD-ROM for parents. More than 1,500 copies of this CD-ROM have been handed out in Gatineau schools and municipal libraries.

Since January 2005, stakeholders have gotten together to discuss measures for preventing the formation of street gangs. The committee comprises different partners working in Gatineau. Information sessions about the street gang phenomenon have also been organized for more than a hundred stakeholders in different areas by the committee members. The Gatineau Service de police auction helped raise $9,153, which was handed over to the committee for different tools to fight the street gang phenomenon.

Division des enquêtes criminelles

The mission of the Division des enquêtes criminelles is to establish and maintain a crime detection and repression program while helping to solve problems in cooperation with the other divisions. In this regard, modernizing police practices involves working more closely with residents. The Division des enquêtes criminelles must find sustainable solutions to these problems by addressing them at the source.

Section des crimes généraux

Types of cases handled by this Section:

  • organized vehicle theft networks;
  • vehicle theft;
  • break and enters;
  • theft and possession of stolen goods; and
  • misdemeanours.

Section des crimes majeurs

Types of cases handled by this Section:

  • murder;
  • attempted murder;
  • sexual assault;
  • robbery and extortion;
  • assault;
  • death; and
  • cases under multisectoral agreements with other agencies.

Section des crimes spécialisés

Types of cases handled by this Section:

  • fraud;
  • counterfeiting;
  • arson;
  • cybercrime;
  • cases under the Act respecting Offences relating to alcoholic beverages (LIMBA).

Section de l'identité judiciaire

Investigations of burglaries, vehicle theft, assaults, suspicious deaths and arson are the types of crimes that most often call on this team's expertise.

Section de la filature

The mandate of this section is to support police operations through surveillance.

Section de l'analyse et des renseignements criminels

The mandate of this section is to support police operations through the collection, analysis and dissemination of criminal information. Since October 2005, the Section de l'analyse et du renseignement has been preparing a police information bulletin that is distributed every two weeks, and it is involved in the Minerve project, where it represents the region in the collection and distribution of information on street gangs.

Division du soutien organisationnel

The Division du soutien organisationnel provides support to the entire Gatineau police force. It has three sections, one of which is the Section des activités opérationnelles. This section is split into four areas: traffic and special events, the canine unit, the crowd control unit and the containment team.

Section activités de soutien

Archives and evidence

The Section des archives manages all Gatineau Service de police operational files, both in terms of the collection of electronic data as well as the filing and control of originals. As well, this section provides services to clients by handling residents' and insurance companies' requests for copies of documents. The reproduction of documents related to charges that are to be filed with different tribunals is also one of its priorities.

9-1-1 Emergency call centre

The mandate of the emergency call centre (ECC 9-1-1) is to respond to emergency and  9-1-1 calls for all of Gatineau, and to redirect calls after they have been screened to police officers, the fire department or to the ambulance attendants.

Liaison avec les tribunaux

The Section de liaison avec les tribunaux is responsible for coordinating charge files for the different tribunals (Superior Court, Court of Quebec, Municipal Court and Youth Court), for managing prison sentences and arrest warrants and for finding individuals sought under these warrants.

Section activités opérationnelles

To follow...

Circulation et événements spéciaux

The mandate of the Section de la circulation et des événements spéciaux is to ensure the safety of users of the road, compliance with the rules for off-road vehicles (snowmobiles, ATVs) and boating safety (marine patrol). This section also plans and manages special events throughout Gatineau. Intervention plans take into consideration issues and complaints raised by residents.

Canine unit

The canine unit, which was set up in 2003, consists of two dog handlers. In 2005, they were involved in 253 interventions with their dogs. Together, they were able to locate five missing persons, and to assist in 19 arrests and six drug seizures.

Groupe d'endiguement et d'arrestation à risque

In 2005, the members of the groupe d'endiguement et d'arrestation à risque (GEAR) received their 225 hours of basic training through the Sûreté du Québec. Annual training is being arranged to maintain their skills. The mandate of the GEAR is to secure the surrender of people involved in high risk incidents without violence and to defuse dangerous situations.

Section soutien administrative

The Section du soutien administratif (gestion des effectifs) is responsible for several aspects of human resource management, including recruitment, selection, welcome, internal personnel changes (promotion and transfers), occupational health and safety, managing performance evaluations, the human resource development plan and training. The Section controls the issuance of directives, and operational and administrative procedures for Gatineau's Service de police. In addition, this section is responsible for managing the fleet of vehicles, buildings and supplies (officers' clothing).

Ressources physiques et matérielles

This section looks after the management and maintenance of the four buildings, including purchasing and distribution for administration and operations: supplies, police reports, fleet of vehicles, officers' clothing and equipment, etc.  It also looks after the management and disposal of evidence and seized goods.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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