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Parent's Guide

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We are delighted to welcome your child to the Ville de Gatineau day camp. Our day camps provide fully supervised and safe recreational activities, all in French. In order to provide your child with a pleasant and safe summer, particularly during the current pandemic, we ask that you take the time to carefully read the following. 

Protective measures related to COVID-19

We are adhering to the instructions issued by the Direction de la santé publique, so some of the measures listed below may change as we receive updates from the Government of Quebec. In fact, we are working closely with regional public health authorities in setting up our safeguard measures.

  1. Exclusion of individuals showing symptoms 

    1. Parents/guardians and participants will be screened at the entrance to the site.
    2. Any participant showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, breathing difficulties or other symptoms listed on the Government of Quebec Web site will be refused access to the day camp site. 
    3. Based on the measures in effect, any participant whose parent or guardian—or who is living in the same dwelling as another person who—is showing those symptoms or is in isolation due to COVID-19 (case or contact) will also be refused access to the day camp site.
    4. If any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, breathing difficulties or other symptoms listed on the Government of Quebec Web siteappear at the camp: 
      1. The participant showing those symptoms will be isolated in a room set up for that purpose and will have to wear a proper mask. A staff member will look after him/her until a parent/guardian picks him/her up.
    5. A participant showing those symptoms or who has had COVID will be allowed to return to the site based on the rules in effect at the time.
  2. To protect the safety of the children and staff, we have introduced measures that comply with the instructions issued by Santé publique. Please read this section with your child to ensure that he/she is well prepared for his/her first day at day camp.

    1. Use of face coverings
      1. Children must wear a face covering provided by the parent/guardian when at the site.
    2. Proper respiratory etiquette: 
      1. when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose using a tissue or the crook of your elbow;
      2. do not reuse tissues;
      3. immediately toss used tissues in the trash;
      4. wash your hands frequently; and
      5. do not touch your mouth or eyes with your hands, regardless of whether or not you are wearing gloves.
    3. Proper hand washing techniques (20 seconds) as recommended: 
      1. upon arrival at the camp;
      2. at the start of each activity;
      3. before and immediately after using the bathroom; and
      4. before eating snacks or meals.
    4. Maintain physical distancing from the other participants and the staff: 
      1. gatherings are prohibited;
      2. activities will be mostly outdoors, and groups will be kept separate in delimited areas;
      3. individual and group activities will be designed to keep participants at a safe distance from each other and to avoid sharing equipment;
      4. in case of inclement weather, each group will have a separate space or room in the day camp site;
      5. the facilities and furnishings will be arranged so as to maintain the one-metre distance among the participants and from the staff;  
      6. each child will have a designated spot to store their personal effects throughout the week.
    5. Proper hygiene with frequently touched materials, equipment and surfaces:
      1. housekeeping has been adapted to the recommendations issued by Santé publique; and
      2. day camp staff have been trained in proper cleaning and disinfection of frequently used equipment.

    Sources :
    Association des camps du Québec, Guide des mesures COVID-19 pour les camps 

    CNESST Guide de normes sanitaires en milieu de travail pour les camps de jour - COVID-19

Participant Information Form

IMPORTANT - You must fill out the Participant Information Form and hand it in on the first day of camp. Copies of the form will also be available at the site.

If you do not hand in the form, your child will not be admitted.

You can click on hyperlink or access it through If you have any questions, you can contact the municipal service centre for your sector.

Centre de services d'Aylmer 181, rue Principale
Mailing address : PO BOX 1970, Hull STN
Gatineau (Québec)
J8X 3Y9
819 685-5007
Centre de services de Buckingham 181, rue Principale
Mailing address : PO BOX 1970, Hull STN
Gatineau (Québec)
J8X 3Y9
819 931-2902
Centre de services de Gatineau 144, boulevard de l'Hôpital
Mailing address : PO BOX 1970, Hull STN
Gatineau (Québec)
J8X 3Y9
819 243-4343
Centre de services de Hull 775, boulevard de la Carrière
Mailing address : PO BOX 1970, Hull STN
Gatineau (Québec)
J8X 3Y9
819 595-7400
Centre de services de Masson-Angers 57, chemin de Montréal Est
Mailing address : PO BOX 1970, Hull STN
Gatineau (Québec)
J8X 3Y9
819 931-2902

Child/counsellor ratios

  • Child care (morning, noon and evening) :
    All ages: 1 counsellor to 10 children
  • Day camp :
    5 to 6 years: 1 counsellor to 10 children<
    7 to 8 years: 1 counsellor to 12 children
    9 to 12 years: 1 counsellor to 12 children
  • Swimming outings :
    Additional counsellors and lifeguards will be provided for swimming outings in accordance with the Lifesaving Society's standards.

Day camp arrival and departure procedures

Because of the pandemic, you will not be permitted to enter the school or the community centre where the day camp is held. We will be waiting for your child outside, and we ask that you maintain a two-metre distance from anyone else who might be waiting in line when you arrive.  

At the start and end of each day, day camp staff will be posted at the entrance to record your child's arrival and departure times. On the Participant Information Form, you will have indicated one or more people in addition to a parent or guardian who are authorized to pick up your child. We will ask for ID from any person who comes to get a child to ensure that person is on the list. Please pass on this message to those people.. We will only release your child to you or to one of those authorized individuals. On the first day of camp, we will confirm with you the names of the persons authorized to pick up your child, as well as the emergency contacts and their telephone numbers. If your child starts showing any symptoms related to COVID-19, we will call you (or another emergency contact) and ask that you immediately come and pick up your child.

If you allow your child to go home on his/her own, you will have to indicate this on the Information Form in the Participant's Arrival and Departure section. In this case, camp staff will record his/her time of departure on the attendance sheet.  

Hours of operation

Children who are not registered for the child care program will not be able to enter the day camp site before 9 a.m. and will have to leave by 4 p.m.

Children who are registered for the child care program will not be able to enter the before 7 a.m. and will have to leave by 5:30 p.m.

Failure to comply with the arrival and departure times will be penalized as per established procedure.

Everyday contents of your child's backpack

  • Two face coverings. 
  • Boots and warm clothes (winter jacket and pants).
  • A tuque and mittens (as well as spare mittens, if possible).
  • A reusable water bottle filled with water (for hydration).
  • A cold lunch and two snacks (no refrigerator or microwave is available at the sites).
  • An apron, coveralls or an old shirt.
  • Non-marking running shoes.
  • A change of clothes, if possible.

In order to avoid sharing equipment during COVID-19, we suggest (optional) that you include your child's pencil case (coloured crayons, scissors, glue, pencil sharpener) in your child's backpack. That way, your child will be able to use his/her own supplies for drawing activities. Please note that the sharing of personal effects will not be permitted. The children will have a designated spot where they can leave their personal effects throughout the week.

Please note that electronic toys and devices are not permitted at the day camp.


It is recommended that your child wear sports clothes (shorts, T-shirt, running shoes, etc.). Dresses, skirts and Crocs-style shoes are not recommended. Heely's style roller shoes are prohibited. Long hair should be tied back.

Lost and found items

Any lost and found items must be claimed by the last day of camp.

Program and standard schedule

Our daily and weekly activities program has been adjusted to comply with the public health measures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this is how we expect the days to go this March break: 

  • Games and activities in small groups to maintain physical distancing and limit the sharing of equipment.
  • Most activities will be outdoors (weather permitting).
  • Whenever possible, the children will be assigned to a given group for the week to limit contacts.
  • A supervised child care service in small groups.
  • No outings due to the measures imposed and the limits on the number of passengers per bus.
  • No large group gatherings.

The standard schedule for a day at camp will be as follows:

7 to 9 a.m. Child care (supervised free time)
9 a.m. to noon Organized group activities
Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch
1 to 4 p.m. Organized group activities
4 to 5:30 p.m. Child care (supervised free time)

Life code (for the children)

Now that I am registered for day camp and I want to have fun in a healthy and safe environment, it is understood that:

  • I will wear a face covering indoors 
  • I will practice proper respiratory etiquette;
  • I will wash my hands for 20 seconds in accordance with the routine set by my counsellor;
  • I will maintain a one-metre distance from the other children and a two-metre distance from my counsellors;
  • I will follow the cleaning instructions set by my counsellors;
  • I will not share my things; 
  • I will listen and follow the instructions and rules set by my counsellors and the day camp;
  • I will take part in the activities;
  • I will be kind and watch my language when speaking to people;
  • I will be careful with the day camp's equipment and facilities;
  • I will pick up my trash and place it in the trash bin;
  • I will stay with my counsellors and my group; 
  • I will dress appropriately for the activities;
  • I will speak calmly and try to find non-violent solutions; and
  • I will be polite with the counsellors and the other children at the day camp.

That means I will not:

  • swear or use inappropriate language;
  • hit anyone or fight;
  • run away;
  • call people names;
  • throw things;
  • be rude to counsellors;
  • break equipment; or
  • vandalize the site or buildings.

Head lice

If we find lice, we will ask you to come and get your child as soon as possible in order to avoid having it spread. Your child will be able to return to camp the day after he/she has undergone the treatment.


If your child has to take medication while at camp or in day care, please fill out the Medication Authorization Form appended to the Participant Information Form. All medication is stored in a safe place to which only authorized staff have access. Our staff will be pleased to hand your child his/her medication at the time indicated on the Medication Authorization Form, but will not administer it: your child must be able to take his/her own medication. No medication is permitted among the child's personal effects

Exception: Please note that the staff will administer epinephrine if the child can't do it alone. The child must at all times have his/her epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen, Ana-Kit) on him/her in a pouch attached to his/her waist.


In order to prevent any complications due to food allergies and food poisoning, peanuts, nuts and all derivative products are strictly prohibited at the day camp. Naturally, the same applies to homemade foods cooked with those products.

If you are notified of any other severe food allergies at the day camp (e.g., kiwis, strawberries) you must be sure not to include them in your child's lunchbox.

If your child is intolerant or allergic to certain foods, it is important to include this information on the Participant Information Form and to meet with the individual in charge of the site in order to explain the severity of the allergy, any possible reactions, and the best form of treatment. Please note that all counsellors have taken a first aid course and are aware of the required steps in such situations.

Please note that the child must at all times have his/her epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen, Ana-Kit) on him/her in a pouch attached to his/her waist.

For children with severe allergies (food or other) who require urgent intervention (epinephrine auto-injector and transfer), we ask you to fill out the Severe Allergy Care Plan, available in the Participant Information Form (photo required for quick identification).


Please remember that there are no microwaves or refrigerators available at the day camps (use a lunch box that keeps food fresh).

Health-conscious day camps

The day camp program encourages healthy living. In the summer, we encourage children to eat healthy and to be physically active while having fun.
You will find several ideas (including healthy lunch suggestions) on easy and pleasant ways for your kids to be more active and to eat better at

Communications with parents

While the day camps are running, you can reach the individuals in charge on their cell phones. You can get these numbers at the sites.

Warning : Please note that for the sites located in schools, you must not call the school secretariat, because they will not be able to help you. The day camp is run by Ville de Gatineau.

Any form of violence (verbal or physical) and discriminatory comments will not be tolerated at the sites.

Appendix 1

Notification Procedure for Late Pick-Up by Parents/Guardians

  • For children signed up for the day camp and child care programs, the times are between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

    Parents who expect to arrive after 5:30 p.m. must notify the individual in charge as soon as possible.

    First late pick-up, the parent will receive a verbal warning, and the person in charge will fill out the late pick-up form.

    Second late pick-up, the child will be expelled from the camp for one day, and the parent must sign the late pick-up form.

    Third late pick-up, the child will be expelled from the camp for the rest of the week.

The time used by staff is that indicated on the cell phone of the person in charge of the site.

Appendix 2

Notification Procedure for Inappropriate Behaviour by a Child

In order to ensure smooth operations and the safety of participants and staff, it is important that your child follow the day camp life code (see p. 10). In order to ensure follow-up on your child's behaviour, we would like to inform you of the notification procedure that has been set in place by the Ville de Gatineau day camp team. The aim is to clearly identify the boundaries that must be respected in a group. The consequences will be decided by the person in charge and the supervisors. The procedure is as follows :

First warning

  • The child is warned by the person in charge of the site, and a contract is prepared with the child.
  • Communication with the parents.

Second warning

  • The parents are contacted a second time.
  • The psychosocial resource gets involved.
  • The contract is revised and discussed with the child.

Third warning

  • The child is expelled or suspended from the day camp.

N. B. Please note that every situation will be assessed on its own merits, and depending on the its seriousness, it may not be necessary to go through every step.

Appendix 3

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Registration fees are, not refundable, except :

  • when Ville de Gatineau fails to fulfill its obligations;
  • if the child who is registered moves away from Gatineau before the end of camp, in which case the refund will be based on the number of days used as long as proof of the move is provided; or
  • if the child cannot take part in the camp for health reasons (sickness or injury), the refund will be based on the number of days used, as long as a medical certificate is provided.

Happy spring break!

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