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Resources – Schools

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Gatineau offers free collection and processing of recyclables and compostables to school institutions.

Information about the service offered

Gatineau currently provides schools and early childhood centres free collection and processing of recyclables and compostables. It also provides the following tools:

  • blue bins (360 litres) or containers for recyclables, as required;
  • brown bins (80, 120 or 240 litres) and kitchen containers (7 litres), as required;
  • at-a-glance lists for composting and recycling; and
  • posters for composting and recycling.

Financial assistance

If you wish to set up a sustainable management project for your residual materials, contact Gatineau for information about its Green Fund financial support program.

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation can also provide grants to schools running residual materials management projects. Consult their Web site for details.

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