Snow clearing operations
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Snow clearing operations
Snow clearing operations

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This operation involves snow clearing equipment such as snow plows and graders that push the snow to the sides along the arteries.


This operation involves spreading ice melters in the form of abrasives, which are a mix of two components. The choice of material is based on the condition of the road or sidewalk, and the temperature.


This operation involves cutting or scraping layers of snow and ice that have compacted on an artery or sidewalk in order to remove them, using ice melters in conjunction with mechanical methods.


This operation involves blowing snow windrows* to the side of the road or into trucks that then transport the snow to a snow dump.

* Snow windrows: long piles of snow that are created when the plows pass by.

In Gatineau, snow clearing is…

211 blue-collar employees who are ready to step in during the snow-clearing operations, along with outside contractors who are hired to help.

More than 165 pieces of equipment used for snow clearing and road maintenance:

  • 39 trucks used for spreading and snow clearing
  • 22 graders
  • 19 wheel loaders
  • 40 compact track loaders and snow plows for sidewalks
  • 13 snow blowers, including detachable models

Six snow dumps:

  • rue Georges (Masson-Angers sector): 80,000 m3
  • rue Charles (Buckingham sector): 85,000 m3
  • boulevard Gréber (Gatineau sector): 300,000 m3
  • boulevard Saint-René Est (Gatineau sector): 98,000 m3
  • rue Buteau (Hull sector): 350,000 m3
  • Lafarge private dump (Aylmer sector): unlimited (fee)

Precipitations over the years

Precipitation 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016
Total snow (cm) 234 310 223
Total rain (mm) 344 276 288
Total freezing rain (mm) 27 21 23
Number of interventions 91 113 64
Number of storms dumping more than 15 cm 1 5 3