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Gatineau's Centre sportif has gone to great lengths to ensure that all Gatineau residents can access its activities. It meets all provincial requirements in terms of accommodating people with special needs. Universal access is integral to the centre's layout.


  • Signage
  • Choice of wall colours (contrasting colours)
  • All washrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility
  • Accessible service counters
  • Two elevators
  • Handrails (stairs between two levels, main corridors)
  • Signs in Braille and contrast
  • Several automatic doors
  • Seven fountains adapted to persons with reduced mobility, that can be activated from the front with one hand
  • Vending machines with easily accessible buttons that can be activated with one hand

Outside access

  • Loading and unloading area for cars, taxis and modified buses
  • Six reserved parking spots
  • Level surface (no curbs) between the parking lot and the main entrance
  • Three main entrances with sliding doors and an automatic door opener
  • Outside slopes and mounds with a 1/20 slope

Access to amenities

  • Whirlpool with a ramp and handrail
  • Recreational pool with access to the deck (with a handrail)
  • One of the pool accesses is wider
  • Access to the 50 metre pool through sling lift and a movable ramp
  • Access to the courts
  • An assistive listening system for people who are hearing impaired
  • An accessible access control system for all clients
  • The locker rooms to the pool and courts are specifically designed to meet the needs of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility
  • Reserved areas for wheelchairs in the gymnasium and pool bleachers
  • 52 wider seats (55.8 cm) for larger people at the edges of rows
  • A wide aisle for easy and safe passage in the bleachers
  • Visual fire alarm system
  • Easily accessible meeting rooms
  • Large print signs with standardized pictograms
  • Braille on signs throughout the facility

Kéroul certification

Kéroul certification confirms that the Centre sportif is accessible to persons with a motor, visual and hearing impairment under the Adapted classification. The Centre sportif subscribes to The Accessible Road, a promotional tool that applies to tourist and cultural attractions, as well as to accommodations that guarantee access and services that meet the special needs of persons with limited physical mobility, and to seniors. For additional information, visit Kéroul.

Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS)

The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) admits free of charge any person accompanying an individual aged 12 or over with a disability or mental health issue requiring assistance when visiting the Gatineau Centre sportif and the Lucien-Houle and Paul-Pelletier pools. The purpose of the TLCS is to give the person with the physical or mental impairment the chance to fully and safely participate in these activities to the same degree as any other resident.

For additional information, visit VATL.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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