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Regulations - Renting an arena (camps schools or tournaments)
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Regulations - Renting an arena (camps schools or tournaments)
Regulations - Renting an arena (camps schools or tournaments)

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  • The lessee must pour a deposit of 10% at the signature of the contract.
  • The Lessee will have to pay 40% of the invoice thirty (30) days before the event.
  • The Lessee will have to pay the balance of the hiring before using the arena.

Obligations of the lessor

The lessor agrees to:

  • Provide the lessee with an area that will be at his or her disposal 30 minutes before the time of rental and for the duration specified in the contract;
  • Resurface the ice for each rental period in the 10 minutes preceding the time of rental, unless a breakdown in the machinery or another major reason;
  • Advise the lessee as soon as possible of any cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Obligations of the lessee

The lessee agrees to:

  • The lessee shall provide the lessor, in advance, with telephone number(s) where he or she can be reached during the day;
  • Respect and observe the regulations stipulated by public, federal, provincial or municipal authorities, as well as the lessor's guidelines :
    According to regulation # 436-87, anybody who uses an arena to practice a sport or any other activity is obligated to:
    • wear a protective headgear during this activity—hockey, ball hockey, broomball, ringette;
    • wear a face protector and a neck guard when playing ice hockey (regulation approved by the Régie de la sécurité dans les sports for all hockey players);
  • Vacate the ice at the agreed upon time;
  • Take good care of the rented premises (ice rink and other areas), maintain order and decorum and refrain from making marks or holes on the rented premises or damaging them in any way;
  • Be solely liable for any damage, deterioration, etc., caused in any way by the lessee or his/her guests (employees, spectators, participants, etc.), to the buildings, furniture or accessories on or around the rented premises;
  • Preserving the lessor from any lawsuit, legal action, cause of action or claim of any nature for any damage or accident involving the person or property, a lost or stolen object, or stemming from any other cause during the use of the rented premises by the lessee;
  • Obtain, at his or her own expense, the permits and licenses required by public authorities (i.e., federal, provincial, municipal or other). The lessee also agrees to pay any taxes or dues for his or her activities to the appropriate person;
  • Abstain from having or drinking alcoholic beverages on the premises (unless otherwise specified in this contract). The disregard of this article may lead to the eviction and the termination of the contract “ZERO TOLERANCE”;
  • Immediately removing, following the use of the premises, any equipment or material he/she owns and brought on the premises;
  • Clearing the change room within the 30 minutes following the end of the rental period. Any period exceeding the allocated 30 minutes will be billed at the effective hourly rate (30-minute blocks);
  • Ensure that good sportsmanship prevails in all the activities and help control abusive language or other improper conduct displayed by players or spectators;
  • Ensure to respect the law on the tobacco. NO SMOKING in the arena and especially in the dressing room;
  • Offer appropriate support and cooperation to arena attendants.


  • The lessor is free to cancel or interrupt any activity that may escalate into a disturbance, without having to compensate the lessee.


  • Concession rights belong to the lessor, namely Ville de Gatineau.


  • The lessee agrees to abstain from sub-leasing, trading or transferring this contract or any related right without the written authorization of the lessor.

Riot, strike, etc.

  • The lessee recognizes and agrees that the lessor shall not be held accountable if he/she fails to meet the obligations of this contract because of a strike, a riot or a civil commotion, a malfunction in the equipment used to maintain the ice surface, an act of God or a situation beyond control, an order from any public authority or any other reason beyond the control of the lessor.


  • The lessor reserves the right, through authorized representatives or a designated person, to enter the premises rented or used by the lessee at any time for surveillance purposes.

Prohibition to use the surface

  • The lessee agrees that no player, referee or participant shall use the ice until the Zamboni ice machine has left the ice rink and the doors through which the machine accesses the rink are closed.

Abdication or non-use

  • The lessee responsible of tournament, camp or school will have to warn the lessor fifteen (15) days before the beginning of his contract of his desire to cancel one hour of icetime. There will be no refunding after the fifteen (15) days deadline.

Change in dates and times

  • The lessor reserves the right to change the dates and times of rental upon a 2-day notice given to the lessee before the reserved periods.

Celebrations, parties, etc.

  • No celebration, initiation or other event is permitted in the arenas.

Cancellation due to a special event

  • The lessor reserves the right to cancel one or more rental periods, upon a 7-day notice, provided he or she compensates the lessee in time or money, depending on the lessee's preference, when a special event is scheduled to take place on the rented premises and the lessor deems it so important that a cancellation notice is justified. In this case, no damage shall be sought by the lessee.
  • The lessor may cancel this lease without notice or direction and shall be free from any obligation in the event that the lessee does not respect all the terms and conditions of this lease.
  • The lessee recognizes that all radio, cinematography and television broadcasting rights and privileges, among others, are reserved to the lessor.
  • In any case, any compensation that may be payable to the lessee by the lessor because of a violation to the lease shall not exceed the amount of the rent.
  • If the ice is rented after a major activity such as a Gatineau Olympiques' game, a tournament, etc., the ice rental may be delayed without prior notice.

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